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    Re: Iran Blows Up Nimitz Replica

    Someone more knowledgeable than me care to share what the rules of engagement are in such a situation. I know there were some changes after the USS Cole attack.
  2. Link: Re: Magnet school admissions standards lowered due to civil rights complaint.

    My question is, does the compliance department indicate what the numbers should be, or is it an arbitrary decision?
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    Re: Greece Embraces "Radical Leftist" Party

    How else do you expect her to pay her lawyer?
  4. Re: Before and After - How much are you paying for Health insurance......

    Lol, some people think we are at "after" already.
  5. Re: ObamaCare Plans Come on the Market October 1st. Get Ready

    I could easily see this turned into a racial issue if more black people are being turned down, especially since heart disease is more prevalent in that population.
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    Re: Should Congress Audit The Federal Reserve?

    The foxes are assuring me the chickens are fine.
  7. Re: Wait, Gweneth Paltrow does what? And why do people listen to Celebrity Psuedosci

    She's another example of nepotism in Hollywood. (Not the worst; that belongs to Will Smith's kid.) I highly doubt she'd be landing roles without her family connectoons.

    When she was a kid, her...
  8. Re: Waterbury, CT school district to honor to Muslim holidays

    As long as you don't say it allowed.
  9. Re: Women's College Clarifies Admissions Policy - Sort Of

    Nursing school. Trust me. I wish I hadn't had a girlfriend during that time; I had a lot of opportunities. (Although I think the ratio is more balanced now than when I went in the mid 90s.)
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    Re: Spider Man is coming home

    Did anyone else watch the Spectacular Spider-Man animated series? That show was actually pretty good once it got going.

    (Don't bother with Ultimate Spider-Man, it's terrible)
  11. Re: Supreme Court Denie's AL Request for Stay Re: Gay Marriage

    From the linked article:

    So has the sympathetic orderly been charged for the murder of Paul's partner?[/QUOTE]
    I had to do a double take on that part as well.
  12. Re: Supreme Court Denie's AL Request for Stay Re: Gay Marriage

    The main reason I support allowing gay marriage is a strong belief in freedom of religion, and a basic recognition that what consenting adults do is their own business.

    My secondary reason is that...
  13. Re: Paper; Global Warming "The Biggest Science Scandal Ever"

    I guess you're right. I won't believe it until I hear it from Brian Williams.

    In all seriousness, though, for this somewhat-conservative, it's not whether global warming/climate change is real vs...
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    Re: Space-age shower cuts water usage by 90%

    Didn't Kramer have one and it didn't work so well?
  15. Re: Paper; Global Warming "The Biggest Science Scandal Ever"

    That sure is some nice research and data. It would be a shame if something happened to it.
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