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  1. Re: Two lower level Tide Pride seats for Texas A&M game for sale

    Wish I could afford the price, because I'm looking for a pair.
  2. Link: Re: Update on Ole Miss QB Jeremy Liggins (one time Bama recruit)

    Sorry to disappoint, but his big behind would get mauled by upper echelon SEC defenses.
  3. News Article: Re: Does Saban run the world, or just college football?

    A) this new proposed rule will have little, to no effect, one HUNH offenses. Rarely is a play run a mere ten seconds after a runner, etc. is down. This rule will NOT stop HUNH offenses.

    B) seemed...
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    Re: Marvin Constant's story

    Scroll to about the 8:00 minute mark.
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    Re: Get ready for another title run.

    While this may turn out to be an epic class, 2008 will retain the belt until we can see what the future of 2014 holds. :)
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    Re: ***Rashaan Evans Announcement Thread*** (approx 10:45)

  7. Re: The end of the SEC streak happens. However, I offer a positive note.

    My heart breaks for the Barn and its fans.
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    Re: Alternate Alabama uniforms

    The lack of uniform variety has been greatly detrimental to Bama's recruiting since Saban arrived.
  9. Re: Consulting with former coaches?

    This thread had me at "We just gotta stop that lil' inside trap."
  10. JessN: Re: With Mack Brown retiring, coaching sweepstakes will accelerate

    FWIW, I'm personally sick of the drama Saban is creating. Yes, Saban is creating it.

    Either fish or cut bait.

    Over it.

    He is NOT bigger than Alabama football.
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    JessN: Re: Sources say Saban, Bama are close on contract

    I don't think I can take any more.
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    JessN: Re: Sources say Saban, Bama are close on contract

    Maybe I'm in the minority, but if CNS were to leave/retire, whatever, I'd tip my hat to him and be eternally grateful for everything he's done for our program.

    Having said that, obviously I hope...
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    Poll: Re: Who Do You PREFER to Win: Barn or FSU?


    Not even a consideration for me.
  14. Re: Be real: Ever cried during/after a Bama game?

    I cried once at a Bama game. Sadly my friend we traveled to Norman, Oklahoma, with decided it would be a good idea to have red beans and rice the night before the game. Worst four hours of my life.
  15. Re: Article claims Saban threw players under the bus

    Before I post this quote below, please understand I don't mean it in any way disrespectful to Cade Foster. He's been a great contributor to the Alabama football team and no disrespect is intended....
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