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  1. Re: TAMU Game...Are you more impressed with Bama's Offense or Defense

    Defense was most impressive. But do not take the Florida offensive performance for granted. Their overall D is ranked 13, and I bet if you back our numbers out of the total they are about 7th or...
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    Re: Does LSU play the spoiler vs. Ole Miss?

    I'd be happy if it happened, but just don't think it will. It took a lot of Clemsoning for Florida to lose to them. If LSU wins, it'll be because Dr. Bo finally starts his regression to the mean...
  3. Re: WVU students not content with just burning furniture this week

    Trying to link a couple of things together, this is exactly why fans should not be allowed on to the field, like in Oxford. You just never know when a few boneheads are going to turn things...
  4. Re: Phil Steele Predicts a Big Bama Win Against TAMU

    Tip of the cap to him.
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    Re: ****Bama vs. TAMU Pregame Thread****

    RTR from Tuscaloosa everyone. Beautiful morning, sunny, in the 60s, light breezes. Maybe clouds later, but a perfect day for football.
  6. Link: Re: Nick Saban Ready to 'Let the Horse Run' After Conversation with Alabama Golf Coac

    I will say that the last two games they haven't looked like they were having very much fun, even when things went relatively well. Changing that sounds like a good idea. However, I think it is...
  7. Re: Phil Steele Predicts a Big Bama Win Against TAMU

    It's a fair point. I think adding to our knowledge about Arie's health plus the really sloppy conditions the showing against Arky starts to be more explicable. Well, not the special teams. That...
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    Question: Re: Saban & Smart Game Plan against Texas A and M

    Play more dime than nickel, I think. Rotate rushers every chance we get. Hope that some of the A&M WRs continue to drop passes. We cannot just sit back and let Hill pick us apart like he did to...
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    Re: Coach Saban's comments affect me

    A few of his phrases I try to apply, though in some cases I know they are not original with him.

    One about identifying and eliminating "clutter" so you can succeed.

    There is another about the...
  10. Re: Gators OC: Driskel has to play, offensive players don't know where to line up...

    Oh my word. Can you just imagine if Kiffin had said this about Sims playing to make sure...? Shudder.

    I'd say it's the sort of thing that would make CWM's head explode, but if it hasn't happened...
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    Re: Our newest Tide fan

    Good for you. Congrats. Enjoy every minute of it.
  12. Re: Kurt Freitag caught with 112 grams of marijuana and $4,600, but not arrested

    No doubt in my mind the cops are trying to roll him to get closer to the top of the chain. It's not like he was growing it or importing it. They apparently saw the deal happen so they already have...
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    Re: Jimbo Fisher is unbelievable...

    Bonehead. A coach's role should be to defend his players, but about their play and place on the team. E.g. "Our QB made the right reads in the game, but our route running was not as crisp as it...
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    Question: Re: Upset ALERT! Who ya got going down?

    UGA better be careful. Arky will not let one running back beat them.

    OK nearly messed around and lost to an undermanned TX team. They need to be careful as well.

    I'd not be terribly surprised...
  15. Re: Gameplans against Texas A and M (Keep it Postive and clean)

    I would start Brown over Jackson. I think Eddie is our best DB, but agree that his injury continues to slow him down. I would use Cooper as a decoy the entire first half. Wherever the play is...
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