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  1. Re: Federal Judge Blocks President's Immigration Executive Action

    Does it really matter if someone else did it first? If it's unconstitutional it should be stopped. Should have been then too.
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    Re: Jarrett Johnson retires

    Congratulations JJ!! Best wishes to you and your family!
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    Re: I'm Coming Back to Alabama

    Welcome Back!
  4. Re: State dept spokes person says ISIS needs jobs to end radicalism

    OK, so you're telling me if they get to choose between (A) 40 acres and a mule or (B) 70 virgins they won't go for the farm? LOL
  5. Re: Federal Judge Blocks President's Immigration Executive Action

    I agree!
  6. Re: Mortgage giant Fannie Mae asks taxpayers for another $7,800,000,000

    As long as you don't bring back any "Hope and Change". :)
  7. Re: Federal Judge Blocks President's Immigration Executive Action

    Has the path changed? I thought there already was a clear path. Just because you are not willing to wait your turn doesn't sound like a good argument to me. I was physically big enough to drive at...
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    Re: Mel Tucker`s Technique With DB Coverage?

    and the drums
  9. Re: Well, our resident admin/recording masterer did it again...

    Congratulations CA!!
  10. Re: Johnny Manziel Entered Treatment This Past Wednesday

    Good Luck to him. Stardom has taken it's toll on many people. I'm blessed to be a nobody, but when it comes to addictions I think we could all say, "But by the grace of God, there go I".
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    Re: Hello From Crimson Steel

  12. Re: WH to hold summit to fight violent extremism...

    Will Holder be teaching them how to engage legal gun shops to make slightly irregular gun sales to known thugs who will use them to arm the terrorists? They could call it Quick and Mean or "Fast and...
  13. Re: Will the Oregon loss slow down the proliferation of HUNH offenses?

    The HUNH has a place in football. That being said that place is not with the Big Boys!
  14. Re: President Obama wants community college to be free

    This could actually make a lot of sense, maybe if they push it back into the high school system it would cut drop outs. We really need to try to use education as a way to make people successful...
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    Re: Muslim Outrage Over Paris Shooting

    I am really ignorant of what they teach. I need to educate myself on what the Koran contains. I hesitate to judge based on rumors. That being said all the rumors about Baptists and casseroles are...
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