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    Re: Cooper vs Julio...Who is better?

    That's tough to say at the WR position, that he'll definitely be drafted in top 5. Cooper is clearly a more polished WR...but Julio is simply the total package. He has the skills to be the best...
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    Re: Bama "falls" to #3 in the AP poll.


    Hey. That's the beauty of the playoff system. They're going to attempt to put the best 4 teams in based on eyeball tests, and a bunch of data analysis.

    As long as we take care of...
  3. Re: ***2014 DB Kalvaraz Bessent Commits to Alabama***

    Well there's a lot of ways you can read into that. But I'm sure this young man knows he's made the right decision.
  4. Re: Be Honest-After Shula Was Fired/Before Coach S Was Hired, Who Did You Want As Coa

    Butch Davis
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    Re: ***Official ALABAMA LOI Received Thread***

    It's like we say this every year, but this could be our best class ever :D
  6. Re: How Many Bama National Titles In Your Lifetime?(And Pick Your Favorite)

    I was like 7 for the 92 title, and that season is what made me a huge Bama fan. I remember seeing the build up for that championship and the idea that Miami was going to kill us had me buying in,...
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    Link: Re: 2013 CA DT Eddie Vanderdoes

    LOL....we'll see
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    Link: Re: 2013 CA DT Eddie Vanderdoes

    Sounds good. If the guy makes it to campus, it makes things very interesting.
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    Link: Re: ESPN's list of top uncommitted...

    And that would equate to a crazy haul. I don't know who all they bring in, but this should be a crazy good class. I sure hope Tunsil is one of them though.
  10. Re: *** 2013 RB Altee Tenpenny Commits to Alabama *** (Update: Page 15)

    I'd agree there, that may have been a problem all along. Could only make him better

    I'll go on record to say that after they were all committed and I studied the 3 (Mark, Trent, Lacy) from the...
  11. Re: *** 2013 RB Altee Tenpenny Commits to Alabama *** (Update: Page 15)

    All true. I loved Ingram the most because of his vision though. Only Clinton Portis could press a hole like Mark...he'd make himself small if the hole was small and somehow come out full speed...
  12. Re: Kirby Smart Reportedly Interviewing With Philadelphia Eagles

    Honestly, if I were him I'd think about taking it. It's a clear promotion, and not only that, but that level of experience could do nothing but help him grow as a coach.

    However, I do feel...
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    2013 Prospect: Re: We Need CBs: Mackensie Alexander and Jalen Ramsey

    The corner play has been solid -great ever since CNS has taken over. I agree. the Safety position seems to be more important to our overall D play, and right now we're loaded. Starting with Haha.
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    Re: Make Me Feel Better!

    I think you can look forward to guys like Duvall and Hubbard improving also.
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    Re: DE / Jack Carl Lawson Updates (Auburn Commit)

    We'll see, but that would be an amazing haul for any program. Nevermind Ole Miss.

    With what they're doing on offense, those 2 can make them pretty damn dangerous.
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