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    Re: Where is the read option?

    I'm still holding out for the fake option drop back pass to Terry Jones Jr. wide open in the middle of the field.
  2. Re: Widening the field can be just as important as lengthening the field

    The points you made are exactly why this style of offense has been so successful on the high school level. The biggest thing is that you either have to have an excellent offensive staff on the...
  3. Re: Why is Pat Dye in the College Football Hall of Fame?

    Pat Dye was also successful as an assistant coach, which I have to assume was part of his portfolio put in front of the voters.
  4. News Article: View Post

    Yes...missed tackles are what led to most of WVU's success on well as the KO returned for a TD. If we can fix the tackling issues then we are fine. It's not enough to be in...
  5. Re: How will the 11:00 start time impact this weeks game?

    Stands: the stadium won't be full...maybe around 85,000 folks at the game

    Team: our guys will do just fine as they are used to working out and going early in the morning coming off of Fall camp
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    Re: UAB New Uni's

    Couldn't agree more. I am all for UAB football if for nothing other than it gives some kids a chance to go to college and graduate when they otherwise wouldn't. I don't think they need to be in...
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    Re: UAB New Uni's

    someone noted that the dragon on the helmet looks like it is eating a grilled cheese sandwich

    now that's all I see when I look at it
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    Re: Tuesday, August 12 Practice Updates

    Yeah...I know that javelin throwers spend a good amount of time throwing footballs and baseballs to keep their arms loose and to work on shoulder flexibility. It's similar to a basketball...
  9. Re: Public Speaking Skills and the College Athlete

    Communication skills are probably the most important skills a person can have as a young adult coming out of college. You can be the most brilliant person in the world, but if you cannot articulate...
  10. Re: Eight of Alabama's Nine Losses Have a Common Theme Based on Opponents

    Almost cost us the 2012 SECCG too.
  11. Re: With Our Schedule - And a Weak Lot of opposing QBs - Where do we lose 2 games?

    UT in 2009 is a great example

    Poor offensive execution, turnovers, and mental breakdowns at the end almost lost us that game. UT had no business being within 17 points of us. Same goes for AU a...
  12. Link: Re: 1-2 punch: Which teams have the best coordinator tandems?

    Morris has had the Boyd-Watkins combo the whole time he's been at I am eager to see how he does without those two All-Americans. I think he's still a great OC...just not convinced he's...
  13. Link: Re: Charlie Strong removes Longhorn logo from helmets

    Our practice helmets don't have numbers or a white stripe down the our game helmets do.

    So this isn't such a big deal. It's all psychological anyway...the traditional helmets will be...
  14. Re: For Those Who Need a Good Laugh: SEC Coaches Ranking

    The only game you could pin as luck would be the UGA game. Their other comeback wins were either by Auburn making huge plays, the opposition taking the play(s) off, or shoddy officiating (ok I'll put...
  15. Re: Here's The University Of Alabama Official 2014 Team Photo

    I'm fairly certain the front row is for the seniors. No clue who #37 is.
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