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    Poll: Re: The Future of Alabama Basketball

    For a long, long time, being Bama in SEC basketball meant being #2 in the conference. I'd take that now.
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    Game Thread Re: ****Official Game Thread - Bama vs. UK****

    Just checked in and saw the score. Ouch

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    Re: Bama @ South Carolina (ESPNU)

    I think I get U. If so, I'll be watching.
  4. Re: CA dad throws daughter a Playboy themed b'day party

    Crap, I was late on the smart remark train.
  5. Re: CA dad throws daughter a Playboy themed b'day party

    Harper Valley?
  6. Re: ONE LAST TRY ****Official Game Thread - Bama vs. Ohio State - 2nd Half****

    Bad word.

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    Re: ****Official Pregame Thread - Bama vs. OSU****

    A friend from Ohio sent me the following: "I was telling my manager that big 10 teams in bowls is like the movie Carrie. For four months everyone tells them how pretty they are and they could...
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    Re: OT: Newest Tapatalk update is HORRIBLE

    I've been meaning to load tapatalk on my ipad simply so I could post here again while the games are going on. I only recently got it. This is the reason this moderator hasn't been on the FB board...
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    Re: Police harassment... (humor from a cop)

    The police blotter for Unalaska is written by an officer with a similiar sense of humor. There are usually a few gems in every update. I check in on it maybe once every couple of months.
  10. Game Thread Re: Alabama @ Wichita State at 8:00 (ESPN2) Pregame/Game Thread

    That game seemed to sum up our last few seasons. It felt like they were flashing those graphics about what was at stake a little too much and then, BAM, the run started.
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    Re: Dirk Diggler is in the house!

    Me too
  12. Re: I'll take "Terribly unfortunate names" for $500, Alex.

    We are terribly close to either moving this to NS or deleting it.
  13. Link: Re: Gary Danielson on the Iron Bowl and the SEC Championship Game

    Yep, I use that one too. That one is true as well.
  14. Re: Interesting comparison of Sims and Winston...

    And here comes Vaugh (Winston). Vaughn(Winston) is a juvenile delinquent in the off season.
  15. Re: Interesting comparison of Sims and Winston...

    He also leads in the category of fewest arrests and # of publicly embarrassing decisions.
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