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    Re: Brick By Brick

    I don't think there will be any moving vans spotted in his yard anytime soon. The Vols have improved and didn't quit yesterday. They just ran into a buzz saw that they couldn't deal with.
  2. Re: Does AJ remind you of any NFL quarterbacks currently or in the past?

    Matt Ryan is the one that comes to mind for me. I believe that, barring injury, McCarron could possibly become an elite QB at the next level. He has the size, smarts, and an above average arm. It'll...
  3. Question: Re: What will be Bama's first play from scrimmage?

    A dump to Williams in the flat.
  4. Re: Majority of the fans at Title game will be for Notre Dame

    I can see 60-40 Notre Dame based on the locale. I am speculating that the Greater Miami area is predominately Catholic so it would not surprise me that the crowd would be pro Notre Dame. I look at it...
  5. Poll: Re: Do you want to kick or receive first half?

    Kick off first half. Put immediate pressure on their RS freshman QB to start the game. A no brainer.
  6. Question: Re: Would a win on Monday be UA's biggest win ever?

    I believe that first Rose Bowl win has to be the biggest ever. It set the tone. For me personally, this is the most important game since December 31 1973, for obvious reasons. That game devastated me.
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    Alabama "cardinal"

    Much is being made about the slight uniform changes for the BCS title game. I wonder how many folks realize Alabama has been donning cardinal, not crimson, for years now? We can thank Nike for that!
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    Game Thread Re: Outback Bowl: South Carolina vs. Michigan

    That may have been the single most devastating hit I've ever seen!!!
  9. News Article: Bryant and Saban (No Logical Comparison)

    The phenomenal success Nick Saban has achieved as a head coach, particularly at Alabama, has brought about the inevitable comparisons with Paul "Bear" Bryant, especially among those who weren't...
  10. Re: 3 weeks from today: what are your early score predictions?

    As of today I'm going to go with Bama 27-16. If Barrett Jones is out I'll go with 20-18 Alabama. Roll tide!
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    Re: January 7, 2013: A Time For Redemption

    Dubose, Lowe, Todd, Rutledge, Stock, Wheeler, need to be suspicious, lol!
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    Re: January 7, 2013: A Time For Redemption

    I realized afterwards I mistyped the years that elapsed. I'm looking forward to this moreso than any other. Or any subsequent games henceforth!
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    January 7, 2013: A Time For Redemption

    Chances are if you don't remember the names of Tom Clements, Eric Penick, Wayne Bullock, and Robin Weber you're not old enough to recall the epic 1973 Sugar Bowl clash between Alabama and Notre Dame....
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    Re: Top five Alabama losses in my lifetime

    I don't think it will happen.
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    Worst five Alabama losses in my lifetime

    #5 Auburn 27-28, 2010 #4 Nebraska 6-38, 1971 (when I first learned Alabama was mortal).#3 Notre Dame 11-13, 1974#2 Auburn 16-17, 1972 (I axed down an old chicken coop after that one).#1 NOTRE DAME...
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