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    Re: breakout year for J.Coker

    It's been said previously, but I just can't fathom that our coaching staff would bring in a guy like Coker (who at one time was rumored to have a parent shopping him only to schools that would...
  2. Link: Re: ISIS - I don't want to put the subject in the title...

    In the Old Testament, the Hebrew People were often the vehicles of God's judgment. He instructed them to completely annihilate a number of cities in Canaan because of the pervasive and perpetual evil...
  3. Re: SEC coaching hot seats (or lack thereof...)

    IMO, Gus has still got a lot to prove before we start lumping him in with the elite coaches. A fast riser? Absolutely. That said, 2010 and 2014 were "perfect storm" situations and there have been...
  4. Question: Re: Could kiffen have saved Tennessee or was he always destined to be a coordinator?

    I'll be frank -- I was not (and am not) real fired up about Kiffin's hiring as OC. Kiffin does some things well, but IMO playcalling is generally not one of them.

    As far as I'm concerned, he's...
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    Re: SEC Pre(diction) Season: Texas A&M

    I've watched Sumlin's teams for a few years, dating back to the Houston era, and I'm not sure that this is necessarily the case. Sumlin runs a variant of the Mike Leach / Hal Mumme "Air Raid"...
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    Re: SEC Pre(diction) Season: Arkansas

    Arkansas has been bereft of defensive talent for years now...really, going back to the last few years of the Houston Nutt era. Petrino's recruiting compounded the problem, but he was largely able to...
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    Link: Re: Greg McElroy breaks down Auburn's offense

    I think more and more defensive coaches - our staff included - are realizing that frequent substitutions and lots of varied personnel groupings are simply not viable options against the better HUNH...
  8. Re: Black, Hispanic kids face barriers to future success than whites/asians

    For starters, elimination (or at least tremendous reduction) of the near-total reliance on government aid and entitlements for segments of the races in question. An overall sense of drive and...
  9. Re: Black, Hispanic kids face barriers to future success than whites/asians

    I think this sums it up very well.

    As a society, I do feel we have a moral and social obligation to assist these communities but I think we've historically gone about it the wrong way. You can't...
  10. Re: Malaysia Airlines loses contact with passenger jet

    To add to all the paranoia, here's another wild theory I heard today:

    Singapore Airlines had a Boeing 777 en route to Barcelona, Spain on March 8th, and the flight path covered similar...
  11. Re: The Future of Alabama Basketball and Anthony Grant

    On the topic of a potential replacement for Grant, should the school move in that directon:

    This will probably never happen and I doubt it would even be considered, but what are your thoughts...
  12. Re: The Future of Alabama Basketball and Anthony Grant

    Regarding our players' reluctance to shoot open jumpers: this is largely due to them not having the proverbial "green light" to do so. They get yanked for missing open jumpers. That's a big part of...
  13. Re: Nussmeier/Replacement at OC (keep OC discussion here)

    Agreed wholeheartedly.
  14. Re: Nussmeier/Replacement at OC (keep OC discussion here)

    To add to my earlier point: the reaction from opposing fans on various sites is also overwhelmingly positive.
  15. Re: Nussmeier/Replacement at OC (keep OC discussion here)

    If Kiffin ends up in Tuscaloosa - and it's looking more and more likely that he will - I sure hope it works out. Honestly, I'm not so worried about all of his extracurricular baggage. I don't think...
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