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    Re: The Barn vs. The Rebels: Who you pulling for?

    I want the Barn to score more points than Ole Sis, but I want the Rebuls to physically whup them.
  2. Re: Vols field condition during the game last night

    Penn State wet their field in 1989 to negate our speed. The wet field affected their kicker when he was trying to make the game winning field goal and we won the game.
  3. Link: Re: Cam Robinson to miss several weeks with ankle injury

    I hope your version is correct.
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    Re: Caption This Bo Wallace Hugh Freeze Pic

    That pic will surely be on the cover of San Francisco magazine.
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    News Article: Re: Best shot at Playoff for 1 Loss Team

    From radio sports programs to sports articles there seems to be more people pushing the idea that the selection committee should only consider conference champions in the four team national...
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    Re: What kind of cigar do you have on standby?

    H Upmann!
  7. Re: Colin Cowherd keeps prediction that UT beats Bama

    I would rather listen to static than Cowherder.
  8. Re: Lane Kiffin's mother 'scared to death' for son's safety

    I am not too worried if we have the same Alabama State Troopers on the sideline. I would keep an eye out for Lulu and Junior. However, I believe Coach Kiffin has the speed to out run them.
  9. Re: Gameplans against Texas A and M (Keep it Positive and clean)

    I just hope the team comes out and plays with a some intensity and emotion. We have enough talent to beat anyone. We need to stay focused and cut down on the mistakes. Coach Bryant use to say we need...
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    Re: Coach Saban upset with high expectations

    Since there appears to be a transient kink in the process, I will lower my expectations. I just wish coach would tell me how much lower my expectations should be.
  11. JessN: Re: Arkansas Wrap-Up: Nice to get a win, but Bama has issues

    A win is a win, but I am seriously thinking about sending my cardiology bills to Bobby Williams.
  12. Re: Playing Not to Lose. Is this our real problem???

    I can't really comment on the Ole Miss game because I have only seen parts of the second half. I know sometimes in the past we tended to go conservative in the second half if we had a lead. If...
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    Re: Suspended Ole Miss starting defensive end

    Where is the official link??
  14. Re: UAB's Bill Clark: I'd "Love to play Alabama"......

    Coach Clark probably also likes going to have a Proctoscope.
  15. Re: Just received my Ole Miss tickets... they are doing a "Navy Out."

    They should all wear $$$$ on their shirts. With that intimidating Black Bear mascot do they really need any more gimmicks?
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