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  1. JessN: Re: Saban, UA announce extension; Saban says will end career at Alabama

    Good, now all the rumors will die out finally.
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    Re: This state desperately needs an NFL team

    *for... Lol maybe one of the admins can edit that for me.

    Regardless of my typing errors, I would be far it. But I think you would have to target the gulf instead of Birmingham. Mobile would be...
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    Re: This state desperately needs an NFL team

    I would be far it.
  4. Re: What has to happen for Alabama vs Auburn rematch in a bowl game?

    It could happen... Likely to happen, no... But then again if you told me at the start of the season Duke would be in a championship conference game I would have hit the floor laughing.

  5. Two words: Boomer Sooner!

    Two words: Boomer Sooner!
  6. Re: What we now NEED (game results)

    Go Duke!!! Go Spartans!!! Go Missouri!!!
  7. Re: Navy Air Force game might be canceled this weekend

    I hope it gets cancelled.
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    Re: Pick the Score: Ole Miss vs. Alabama

  9. Re: Has anyone figured out how A&M can be a 3 point dog to Arkansas?

    Easy, A@M defense is Terrible!
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    Re: MANY Thanks Tide Fans - from Texas A&M

    Honestly... There was no losers in that game, it was one of the best games in college football if not the best all time.
  11. Re: Saban forced to play Sumlin and Manziel's game...

    I would love to see A@M play Georgia and South Carolina this year, to bad it want happen.
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    Re: AJ now 2nd all time at Bama

    And the best college QB of all time also. Good job AJ! Roll Tide!
  13. JessN: Agreed, I think Ole Miss has the ability to beat...

    Agreed, I think Ole Miss has the ability to beat them. Also although there not on the schedule I believe Georgia would beat them, South Carolina also.
  14. Question: Anyone else see the end of the Wisconsin game?

    Do you feel they were cheated, honestly I do.
  15. Re: Could we see Alabama vs. TAMU again this season in the BCS Championship?

    Just as 257WBY said no, there defense isn't good enough to go the rest of the way.
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