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    Re: Favorite players from your childhood

    Joey Jones and Walter Lewis. Loved Biscuit and Derrick Thomas too.
  2. Re: *** 2016 OL Chris Owens (Texas) Commits to Alabama ***

    RTR Chris. Welcome to the Championship train. Stay healthy and keep improving.
  3. Re: College football conference title game restrictions to be relaxed by 2016

    Would you've wanted to see it in 2014 also?
  4. Re: Gene Stallings' Grandson Offered By Bama

    Would love to have another legacy, but I'm sure Gene had a talk with him about what commitment means. I hate he committed so early in the process. Sounds like he may want to get away from any...
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    Re: 2015 Spring Practice Thread

    I hope the Eddie Jackson at safety test works out. I think he could be a good, hard hitting safety. Tony Brown is our next best DB and could use some reps for experience. We are trying to get the...
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    Re: 2015 Spring Practice Thread

    So, in other words, what you are saying is that A'shawn is as good as he is going to get and doesn't need to practice anymore? that is what was wrong with our team a few years ago. They thought...
  7. Link: Re: Jonah Williams' Commitment to Alabama Could Spark Big Recruiting Run for Tide

    Hasn't sparked anything yet, but there is usually some commitments following the A-day game. Should be a big group of visitors. Hopefully just because we lost to the nuts last year, it doesn't...
  8. Re: Top 10 SEC offensive and defensive recruits

    With all of these 5* CB recruits the past 2 years, I wonder if Eddie and Cyrus are in jeopardy of losing their job. Eventually skill and talent wins out.
  9. Link: Re: T J Simmons (Clay Chalkville HS) Commits

    WElcome TJ. Hope you end up as good as another TJ who played recently. Roll Tide!!
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    Game Thread Re: Oregon v.s. Ohio State for the Title

    I think it is ironic that the Big 10 hates the SEC so much that they go and hire them an SEC coach who recruits SEC players in SEC states. I guess the largest form of flattery is imitation.
  11. Re: Walk-On WR Parker Barrineau Tweets He's Going on Scholarship

    Congrats Parker! He made some great catches in the A-day game. Not afraid to catch the ball over the middle. Well deserved. We will need some experience at WR next year. I bet he gets some...
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    Re: Score, Oregon vs. OSU

    We spent the day at the Gaylord with Oregon Ducks fans. They were courteous and polite. Many fans were hoping to play Bama. I'll be pulling for the Ducks.
    35- Oregon
    32- Bucks

    Roll Ducks...
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    Re: Final thoughts on Sugar Bowl...

    i also noticed the D. White drop before half as a turning point.
    another is when Cordale Jones was off early in the first qtr. O/5 starting out. Suddenly, Eddie Jackson gets beat deep and J....
  14. Re: RB Damien Harris Updates

    The final piece to our recruiting class. I agree that we have plenty of RB's who are good. But each class, you want to find some studs at each position. I'm not saying that Flowers is not good,...
  15. Re: ***2015 5 star CB Kendall Sheffield commits to Alabama***

    Welcome!! RTR! We'll unfortunately be backlogged at DB. We will have no excuses for bad secondary in a couple of years.
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