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    Poll: Re: Most memorable win over Georgia

    These were all great games, but the 94 is the most memorable to me because I was in Ttown and remember they closed down Bryant Dr. after that because the party spilled out into the street. It was a...
  2. Re: ESPN: Alabama and Louisville will Open 2018 Season in Orlando

    I agree and wonder why they are making such a big deal about that. It's like they were instructed to say negative things about Alabama in order to gain attention...oh, wait.
  3. Re: Does this defense have the potential to be the best ever during the Saban era?

    I agree with this, but I also have to say that the POTENTIAL is there to be a great defense. However, that doesn't seem to mean as much these days due to the uptempo offenses. If we pound the ball...
  4. Thread: Depth Chart

    by teamplayer

    Re: Depth Chart

    I agree, but it is not just the football intellectuals. We, as Bama fans, were a spoiled bunch even before Coach Saban arrived in Tuscaloosa. Now, we are even more so. I am trying to relax and...
  5. News Article: Re: Bob Stoops says Sooners never got over Bedlam loss

    Haha, truer words have never been spoken. I am hoping for a season with no excuses this year, but our schedule is tough, and we don't have a QB, and our defense has been gashed a few times the last...
  6. News Article: Re: Bob Stoops says Sooners never got over Bedlam loss

    Bobby boy has certainly begun to embarrass himself with his mouth, but I don't think we need to say anything about it because his team whipped us on the field the last time we played, and that is...
  7. Re: Link: Let The Battle Begin: David Cornwell (speaks very highly of his progress)

    Flashes of brilliance? I assume this has happened in practices that you have been able to watch. All I've seen of Coker is a guy who seems to be a good teammate on the sidelines and a guy with a...
  8. Re: tOSU's starting 22 would dominate Alabama's again this year.

    We jumped up early, and I still think we had chances to put them away if we had continued to pound them; however, once the momentum changed and their players seem to begin realizing that they could...
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    Link: Re: ESPN picks Georgia to win SEC

    I agree. There is way to much competition for any team to just show up and think they can win the league title. It will come down to the team that shows the knack for making the big plays when the...
  10. Re: Ohio St AD concerned about future of College football

    I agree. I don't know any college football fans who aren't worried about the future and where things are heading.
  11. Link: Re: NFL Networks' David Jeremiah Gives Analysis on Henry, Ragland, Robinson and Reed

    I think a lot of people see Henry and question his attitude for a couple of reasons. He is one of those incredible athletes who makes things look easy even when he is surrounded by other great...
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    Re: I love "my" College Football

    I am having those same types of feelings more and more.
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    Re: Phil Steele's Top 40

    If those rankings hold true, we will have to play seven of the top 25 and nine of the top 40. It will be asking a lot to make the playoff again. Of course, if it were up to some folks, we would...
  14. Re: "Bama Fans wouldn't rush the field even if we beat the Dallas Cowboys"

    I was at a game at Legion Field where our fans stormed the field. They were climbing the fence, and police were pulling some off the fence. It was a scene, man. I think it was the Auburn game in...
  15. Re: New Alabama secondary coach Mel Tucker knows the expectations in Tuscaloosa

    We have not had many defenses that I would call incompetent in my 40+ years of living, so I suppose I would choose your choice A. Although, there have been a few games where I wondered aloud what in...
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