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  1. Link: Re: Top 5 CFB games every week during the season

    The article lost credibility with auburn vs Kentucky being a top five game.

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  2. Re: ***ALABAMA LOI's Received Thread*** (communicate here on NSD)

    Sure enough....there it is. Guess I've been spending too much time on the recruiting board these last few days. Thanks for setting me straight.
  3. Re: ***ALABAMA LOI's Received Thread*** (communicate here on NSD)

    I saw on 247sports that Dee Liner had tweeted that he had been released from his scholarship. He praised the coaches and the University. I hadn't seen anything about this on the forum or anywhere...
  4. Link: Re: Richard Sherman/Michael Bennett call out NCAA "scam".

    My brother in law is asst coach for the soccer team at a local private college. He told me once that the players GPAs are higher during the semester that the season is played. He thinks that the...
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    Re: Where Things Stand -- January 26, 2015

    Thanks RTR.
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    Re: Where Things Stand -- January 26, 2015

    Is there a dead period before signing day?
  7. Game Thread Re: ****Official Game Thread - Bama vs. AU****

    I wonder if coach is gonna take his hands out of his pockets. I'm not asking him to sling a chair across the floor while the booger was taking the free throws like B. Knight, but show some emotion to...
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    Re: Blake's Looking Good In The Senior Bowl

    I appreciate the updates. I'm stuck at work and we don't get the NFL network here at the hospital.
  9. Question: Re: Whatever happened to Marcel Dareus' brother

    Can't confirm the former, but can confirm the latter. Demerius seems like he will be a good father.
  10. Question: Re: Whatever happened to Marcel Dareus' brother

    I just met Demerius today. We talked some about Marcel and the season he has had this year. I didn't feel comfortable asking him what he has been doing the last several years, but he seemed like a...
  11. Link: Re: Mariota declares for draft. How far will Oregon fall? Or will they?

    Don't believe Oregon will fall too far. It's a plug and play system. Of course they will find a way to lose a game they shouldn't, just like they always do.
  12. Re: Appears Reed is staying (was Jarran Reed is Going Pro)

    That was a smart choice by this young man. He improved a ton as the year progressed. Just think how good he will be by the end of next season.
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    Re: NFL to hold combine for veterans

    That's a really good idea. But I think they should expand it to include players in the arena league and possibly the CFL. Who knows when a team may find the next Kurt Warner or Warren Moon.
  14. Link: Re: For a laugh..."How AU Can Help Save UAB Football"

    That guy takes homerism to a new level.
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    Re: Where Things Stand -- January 15, 2015

    Thoroughly enjoyed reading your post BET. Thanks.
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