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  1. Re: Phil Steele Predicts a Big Bama Win Against TAMU

    Why isn't this guy on the committee?
  2. Link: Re: Rolando McClain comes out of retirement again, lands with Cowboys...

    I also noticed CJ Mosley is 5th in the NFL in tackles.He's having a great rookie season so far.
  3. Link: Re: Rolando McClain comes out of retirement again, lands with Cowboys...

    It's amazing Rashad Johnson does the same thing for the Cards minutes later. Roll Tide!
  4. Link: Re: Rolando McClain Reinstated by the Baltimore Ravens

    Game clinching INT for Ro.He has secretly made me a Cowboys fan from watching him this year.
  5. Re: ****Bama vs. Hogs Postgame Headache Thread****

    Call me crazy but i still think we'll somehow get it together.
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    Re: Pick The Score: Alabama At Arkansas

    I'm not confident at all.
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    Re: AJ's comment on the team (Very interesting)

    Will this kid ever grow up?He has become insufferable.Just go away.
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    Re: ut vs uga thoughts

    Not drinking the orange kool-aid.UGA rolls.
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    Re: Auburn pipeline of UGA thugs continues

    A little misleading.
  10. Re: ESPN's Winstonlove is Just Too Obvious

    Yeah and you just gave him another thread.Kind of counter productive.
  11. Re: first play: I'm not the only one who instantly thought this, am I?

    It actually reminded of the one Florida threw against us to start the game a few years back.
  12. Re: Halftime: Amari Cooper passes ‘Wizard of Oz’ against Southern Miss

    I hope coach doesn't change a thing with the offense.Until teams can stop him keep feeding him the ball.I know a lot think that he won't get as much next week but i'm not so sure.This is the type of...
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    Re: WVa. win looking better by the week

    Looks like they are melting away in the rain.
  14. Link: Re: Kansas State Has 'Roll Snyd' Shirts For Game Against Auburn

    Weird and doesn't make much sense.
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    Game Thread Re: ****Bama vs. FAU****

    A good problem to have i guess.
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