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  1. Re: Is New Orleans The Problem? (Our Sometimes Post-Season 'Woes')

    Yes, and there are two wins against Arkansas in New Orleans that resulted in national titles - 1961 and 1979. So that's at least FIVE national championships secured in New Orleans -- the city has...
  2. Re: Is New Orleans The Problem? (Our Sometimes Post-Season 'Woes')

    Make that three - 1992 Miami as well.

    2008 Utah and 2013 Oklahoma were simple cases of mismatched intensity and motivation. The fact that both occurred in New Orleans is just a coincidence. In...
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    Re: Alabama vs Ole Miss 2016. What do you think?

    Ole Miss will be the toughest game out of the first six we play. Motivation certainly shouldn't be a problem. and as someone said before, we're past due to get some breaks when we play the Webels. ...
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    Re: 2016 A-Day Poster: Decade of Dominance

    The last eight seasons have been one helluva ride. I hope Coach Saban is good for about another eight years, so we can keep the party rolling!
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    Question: Re: 2016 ut football schedule

    Glad to see our game with them is on the Third Saturday in October where it belongs!
  6. Re: Who says the SEC doesn't produce NFL Quarterbacks?

    I hate that they come from Tennessee and Auburn. Just can't get too excited about pulling for either QB when one of them beat us 3 out of 4 times and the other led the most gut-wrenching comeback in...
  7. Link: Re: The results are in: Alabama isn't going anywhere.

    Those composite recruiting rankings demonstrate why LSU fans are so frustrated with Les Miles (aside from the 5 straight losses to Bama): With the way LSU recruits, it ought to finish in the top 10...
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    Re: Saban's Statue Gets Updated

  9. Link: Re: New No Longer: Mullaney's Path from OSU Transfer to Alabama WR on the Brink of Ti

    Loved the article - thanks! Mullaney has been perhaps the nicest surprise of all this season.
  10. Re: National Championship Tickets are OUT - Roll Tide!

    I'm in section 136 (lower corner), row 20. Face value for these is $550 each. My boss is just 4 sections over in section 132, and his are $650 each.
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    Re: Uniform color for the game with Clemson

    Good point! I forget that they always wear white home and away. Well, we're on a one-game title streak wearing white, so I'll still take it!
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    Re: Uniform color for the game with Clemson

    Our last two titles were won while ranked #2 and wearing white, so I'll take it!
  13. Re: Roll call for Phoenix - Who's going? Eateries, game info, city info, etc.

    My son and I are going on the All Seasons Travel day charter. Gonna be grueling - out there right before the game, then straight back after - but no other way to do it with work and school conflicts....
  14. Re: Will Gus Malzahn Be on Hot Seat If Auburn Loses Birmingham Bowl?

    Gus Bus seat is already warm, and losing bowl game to finish 6-7 (for preseason SEC favorite with preseason "Heisman QB") would make it hot. Agree with GrayTide he'll have to win 9 games next year...
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    Re: Who Is Going To Dallas?

    My son and I fly to Dallas this afternoon. I suspect Bama fans will outnumber MSU, but not by a large margin.
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