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    Re: ILB Leo Lewis Decommits from Alabama

    Gonna hurt getting these MS kids after the big win last night. Will really be tough if Mullen wins another big one or beats Ole Siss.
  2. Do we have any law enforcement here?

    I mean in any fashion whether you are a warrant officer or out on the street, please if you feel confident enough to out yourself please contact me via PM. I have some serious, private questions for...
  3. Re: Bama QB Sims scorches field wearing bracelet honoring Auburn student with cancer

    I will admit I was still kind of leery of Sims until yesterday (not starter wise as I thought he truly outplayed Coker) until he flat out went off against Florida's Defense. If you truly think Coker...
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    Re: Tony Brown appreciation

    I think we might be seeing Brown/Jackson the next ballgame if Eddie gets healthy. Brown played GREAT versus a SEC team in his first start. Amazing. Also most of the time I seen him he was up in...
  5. Re: I love the new Regions Bank commercial with CNS.

    Thanks for the link, haven't seen that and it is great!
  6. Link: Re: Video: Mississippi State Center Stomps On Two Different LSU Players

    SEC needs to stop this crap
  7. Link: Re: Jameis Winston suspended 1st half vs Clemson

    I'm not sure it was Jimbo's call to suspend Shame-us "Crab Legs" Winston:biggrin2:
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    Re: Adrian Peterson Indicted

    For the record ESPN reported he has 6 kids, not sure if that counts the one that died or not.
  9. Re: Tony Stewart hits, kills driver in sprint car race

    All that seems to be happening is the D.A. doesn't want to take the heat and let the grand jury decide yes or no. Nothing new is happening or out. I'd be very surprised if this goes beyond the...
  10. Link: Re: Jameis Winston suspended 1st half vs Clemson

    I have come to the conclusion Winston is an idiot. I am sooooo glad we didn't get him.

    And yes I've thought this for a while now.
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    Re: Adrian Peterson Indicted

    Sure didn't, sorry!
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    Re: Adrian Peterson Indicted

    You need to look. It will change your mind big time. There is a whelp every few inches up and down the legs (front and back) and supposedly on his privates as well.
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    Re: Cooper vs. Hargreaves III

    Yep, Sims hasn't really "forced" much to Coop so I say keep feeding him.
  14. Link: Re: Rolando McClain Reinstated by the Baltimore Ravens

    Yep he's proving he has the talent now. I just wonder what cut the lights on with the trade because he seemed out of it with the Ravens as well.

    I hope he keeps it together too, he is a nasty...
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    Re: How would you grade Kiffin thus far?

    I'd give Kiffin an A if the screw ups are on his part and A+ if they are on the QB's part. Either way I say he has more than earned his pay at this point and the playcalling has been great even...
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