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    Link: Re: Touching photo for today...

    Thanks...beautiful photo...
  2. Re: Brandon Ivory a suspect in Tuscaloosa armed robbery


  3. Re: Does Bama have a shot with Khalid Kareen?

    I usually laugh at responses like this, but this is true. Sunday afternoon I went to a fellow pastor's 6th anniversary -- and his brother was there from Detroit -- also a minister. We were having...
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    Re: Diddy arrest for assault on UCLA coach

    The latest term is "bull-dozer parents." They want to remove every obstacle from the path of their child so they can be ultra successful.
  5. Re: Link: Let The Battle Begin: David Cornwell (speaks very highly of his progress)

    Interesting that he noted that Cornwell as a clone of Coker and in case of tie it goes to the upperclassman. Not necessarily so. If a 5th year Senior cannot out perform a Freshman, then you go with...
  6. Re: NCAA taking a second look at N Carolina academic fraud

    Remember that this is SACS, not the NCAA. Their punishment will come later. Plus, this statement said that SACS wants more questions answered. The head so SACS is Andrew Westmoreland, president of...
  7. Re: NCAA taking a second look at N Carolina academic fraud

    Here's a link to an article in a NC newspaper about this. It is more serious than it seems -- to do more would hurt innocent students who could then not get federal student grants. This is highly...
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    Re: Mark May Out On ESPN College Gameday Final

    Well...that sure makes my Saturday nights easier. I don't know who is calling the shots at ESPN or what they are thinking...but this is ludicrous beyond belief. Maybe Lou and MM can go to Fox...
  9. Link: Re: Ranking the 230 Division 1 Athletic Programs Based on 2013-2014 Revenue

    Why is UA football subsidized at all? They certainly don't need the money...:)
  10. Re: NCAA taking a second look at N Carolina academic fraud

    I agree with CrimsonEyeshade...they are about to get hammered and they know it. Probably forfeiture of championships, loss of scholarships in football and basketball -- and who knows what else. ...
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    Re: A-Club Story

    Outstanding...thanks for sharing.
  12. Re: up-tempo offenses impacted Alabama DBs, why Nick Saban thinks it's being fixed

    Nailed it...enough said.
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    Re: Austin Shepherd to the Vikings

    Did not expect this one...good for him...great attitude and toughness.
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    Re: Yeldon to the Jags

    Good for him...I always thought he was just on the verge of breaking out his last two years when he would get injured. He is one more tough running back with the best jump shift/break I have seen in...
  15. Re: Arie Kouandjio goes to the Redskins in the 4th

    Congrats...a lot of hard work for all these guys to get drafted.
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