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    Re: Tony Nathan now a graduate

    Nice! Way to see it through Tony!
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    Link: Re: The sad, sad Keith McCants story...

    Sad story; but glad he's sharing it. Hopefully it might help keep someone else from following that path.

    Thanks for sharing the link.
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    Re: Nick King Commits

    Was a great player for Memphis. Misused while there. Played with energy. Very athletic. Can play the 4; but was more productive as a 3, IMO. Definitely brings the talent level up for us.
  4. Re: Link to the Coach Avery Johnson Press Conference 11 am Central

    I was thinking the same thing about recruiting. This guy is going to do some serious closing on the recruiting trail.
  5. Thread: Woodlawn Movie

    by trenda

    Re: Woodlawn Movie

    Looks pretty good. Will definitely see it.
  6. Re: Not Surprising News: Colts Waive Trent Richardson

    The Steelers signed DeAngelo Williams this week. Trent's not signing there.

    His is going to be a long road now in the NFL. Running backs these days only get a couple of true shots at being an...
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    Re: Jarrett Johnson retires

    Congrats to JJ. He's had a great career in college and the NFL.
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    Re: Follow the money for changes to Big 12

    Do you think some of this may have been at play with the playoff selection this year? It may be a reach to think the "selection committee" would do something like that; but then again . . .
  9. Link: Re: Mariota declares for draft. How far will Oregon fall? Or will they?

    I'm basing it on the fact that, in the championship game, he ran for more than 12 yds below his average, his completion % was four points lower than his average, he went 3 for 10 passing on third...
  10. Link: Re: Mariota declares for draft. How far will Oregon fall? Or will they?

    And without his full complement of receivers and against 'power football' competition, MM struggled mightily. Doesn't bode well for his NFL future, especially if he gets drafted by any team not...
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    Re: BOL: Lance Thompson Leaving to go to Auburn

    First team meeting, O is gonna put Mike the Tiger in a headlock and ask the team "Who wants some??!" Meanwhile Les will be chewing a piece of grass and explaining the bail system to the new recruits.
  12. Re: Make your case why Bama would have won or lost against Oregon last night.

    Bingo! Henry had, IIRC, 11 carries for 86 yards when we went up 21-6. And I think he had two carries the rest of the game.
  13. Re: Candidates to replace Lance Thompson and Kevin Steele

    I think LSU and Coach O are a perfect fit. Can you imagine the pep talks between the coaches and team with Les and Coach Yaw Yaw???
  14. Re: Bovada Las Vegas Releases Early Odds for 2015-2016 Champion (Bama - 10/1)

    Get the OL right and I think we have the skill players to do both. All hinges on the OL.
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    Game Thread Re: Oregon v.s. Ohio State for the Title

    Now it's just completely unraveling on the Ducks.
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