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  1. Re: Knoxville roll call. Who all are braving the sea of Orange?

    I'll be there with my crew (literally) :)

    I'll be picking up a few very important guests of the Vols tomorrow at TCL. I still haven't flown them home after a loss, and I certainly don't intend to...
  2. Re: Saban PC: Altee Tenpenny to take Drake's spot as the 3rd running back

    I thought the same thing! Tenpenny, or Dime as Coach Steele calls him :) , (Get it? Haha) is a very nice young man. Always polite and always smiling. I'd love for him to have a breakout weekend. ...
  3. Re: Playing Not to Lose. Is this our real problem???

    Well we all know our team played not to lose in its biggest game last year, and sure enough it didn't work.

    I know this sounds crazy, and it's not like I want a lot of dancing and jiving on our...
  4. Re: So, not to be unduly positive in this dark, dank atmosphere of negativity, but...

    Same thing happened in another game last year....ugh. I don't get it. We start going away from what is working at critical times.
  5. Re: Florida True Freshman QB Treon Harris Suspended

    Unless he resides in Tallahassee and plays for FSU.
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    Re: Kenya Drake Appreciation Thread

    I just posted on his FB page. Thx for the link. As someone that sees him every away game I already miss his sweet smile. He's such a nice and respectable young man. Roll Tide Kenyan!
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    News Article: Re: Adam Griffith Story

    Awesome story! I met Adam on a flight last year, and we asked him about being nervous. Just as the article stated he said he never gets nervous on the field. Now I know why. He has overcome so...
  8. Re: CBS uses it's 6 day exemption on Week 7 games (Bama-Arky)

    wonder if they'd be more likely to put us in that noon slot next week with au and Mississippi State at 3:30.
    Even if Alabama wins this Saturday I can't see CBS putting us in the...
  9. Re: CFN prognostication of Bama vs. Black Bear Rebels

    I feel good about our chances and our big play weapons. Somewhere in the back of my mind Stephen Garcia still comes to mind though. Like someone already mentioned it would take a day like that from...
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    Re: Saban's trooper escort pic...

    And btw, I haven't changed my fanhood at all. My son is a freshman at Georgia Tech and a football manager. I worked the charter to meet those he works with. My favorite was Coach Ted Roof. He's...
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    Re: Saban's trooper escort pic...

    Saban's troopers don't fly with us but other teams' troopers do. I met the nicest one for Georgia Tech. He's been a trooper at Tech for almost 20 years. He was a football team captain there at GT as...
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    Re: Nickname what do you think? "Blake the Snake"

    He still has us on the outside looking in in his playoff prediction.
  13. Re: Alabama at Ole Miss Will be CBS 2:30 Game of the Week (10/4)

    I'm thankful the stadium can only be 60,000 or so loud. It will be every bit that but hopefully not as tough a venue as an lsu or auburn.

    Just wow the magnitude of this game. We'll soon find out...
  14. Re: Alabama's Sims named Walter Camp Player of the Week

    Congrats Blake! I'm so happy and proud for him.
  15. Re: first play: I'm not the only one who instantly thought this, am I?

    Yep my first thought as well.

    Funny thing is I had just been complaining the night before to my son that I don't like it when Kiffin lines up one of our RB's in the slot. I have now officially...
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