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  1. Re: Anyone else concerned with Ole Sis and Mitthtippy Tate this year

    I am concerned about both games because this may be the year one of those teams has one of those miracle seasons. OM is going to be better than most people think especially if they can cut down on...
  2. Re: Ex-Auburn TE Phillip Lutzenkirchen Died in Car Crash

    This is sad news. No matter what the reasons were for the accident, that does not give any of us a reason to point fingers towards the victims, their families, schools or each other. I pray for the...
  3. Re: Blowing Leads To Auburn: A Problem We Must Fix Long-Term

    This is the truth and I feel in the last 10 years, regardless of the coach, this perspective has diminished. I remember Coach Bryant writing about this in his autobiography. Saban made a statement...
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    Game Thread Re: Bama vs. UF - Game Two...

    JT will not last the whole game this rate.
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    Re: LSU loses another QB

    I have the same concern with the QB position this year. I would not be surprised to see us lose a couple this year though no one is predicting it. Hope I am wrong but the WVU, Florida, Ole Miss, Tex...
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    Re: What is wrong with Mr. dareus? More charges.

    While I am sympathetic to this and understand, it still comes down to individual responsibility. He has been given chances to succeed and become a better individual. There comes a time when you need...
  7. Game Thread Re: OK, time for the big one - Bama vs. Florida, 7:00 PM, CDT, ESPN2...

    I was thinking this same thing Earle. Give them something different to look at tonight. JT will benefit from the rest. We need to make adjustments and do better. It was UF's night last night and...
  8. Re: 2014 NCAA Women's College World Series Bracket

    We did not make any adjustments or changes until it was too late. Adjustments can be made inning to inning. UF seemed to do that effectively. That has to be better tonight or we go home. UF played a...
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    Re: Time to make a coaching change?

    To answer the question...YES! Will the PTB see this also?
  10. Game Thread The call was awful but that is no excuse. This is...

    The call was awful but that is no excuse. This is the first time I have watched them this year. Started watching in the 6th and I saw enough pitches taken that were hittable to last a few games. Said...
  11. Game Thread I have not watched all year until today. Just...

    I have not watched all year until today. Just asking a question without criticizing. Is there a reason we have went with Burroughs so long? Is there not anyone in the pen?
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    Re: Next up in the WCWS - Bama vs. Oregon...

  13. Re: driver who killed bicyclist is sueing dead kid's parents

    You can't fix stupid!
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    Link: Re: Sunday Night SEC Football?

    Just for the record, I do not watch any of these regularly on Sundays. I am a Pastor and other things take precedence.
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    Link: Re: Sunday Night SEC Football?

    As a Christian. if Bama plays on Sunday, I will not support it or watch it. My prediction is if this becomes a regular thing, it will be the beginning of the death of the SEC. Stick to Saturdays.
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