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    Re: Ranking the women of the SEC

    One of the Florida girls looks just like Tim Tebow.
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    Re: Thoughts on The Obama Speech?

    Have you seen Michelle? It's more likely that she has abused him.
  3. Link: Re: Kansas State Has 'Roll Snyd' Shirts For Game Against Auburn

    I would think beating an undefeated and highly ranked Auburn team in November would help our SoS.
  4. Re: Offers From Nigerian Prince and Kenyan Prince

    Don't do it! I think the first one is a scam. If it were real he would need your bank routing number and SS#. I can intervene in this matter on your behalf. Just send me your bank account number,...
  5. Re: Why does rap music get a social pass regarding degrading of women?

    If anything is said that goes "against" these practitioners you are labeled a racist.
  6. Game Thread Re: Colorado State v. Colorado (Dee Hart plays for CSU)

    Wow! I bet that 139 rushing yards is the most in a CSU season-opener in the last dozen or so years.
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    Re: Does a 2 yr old have to have a ticket at BDS

    Tell her to hold it in until after the game. A screaming newborn would be very distracting and unpleasant for your fellow seatmates during a close game.
  8. Re: Two Upper Level Tickets for Bama vs. West VA. -- $160/pr

    Will consider any reasonable offer. I can't go and don't want these to go unused.
  9. Two Upper Level Tickets for Bama vs. West VA. -- $160/pr

    Asking face value. I am located in Tuscaloosa.

    Upper Level
    Section 334
    Row 4
    Seats 17 and 18
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    Re: Fall Practice Begins and CNS Speaks to the Media

    I say that every year too.
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    Re: QB battle dividing the team?

    If you read it on the Internet then it's true. I read that on the Internet.
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    Re: Kenyon Drake Tweet

    Keep working at'll get better. Gotta get that time under 2:30 if you're gonna play with the big boys.
  13. Re: 4yr old banned from donut shop for asking "pleasantly plump" lady if she was preg

    Somehow this is Bush's fault.
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    Re: HMmmm, I wonder What TJ is Focusing On...

    This is one of the changes the NCAA introduced for the 2014 season. Two footballs will be used in each game now. One is the "live" ball and one is a decoy. It's up to the defense to figure out...
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    They failed. I read it on the Interwebs.
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