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  1. Re: Michelle O declares war on Chick-Fil-A - school lunches that is

    Obama is already the worse President of my lifetime. Is she trying to be the worse female dog of my lifetime?
  2. Re: Visiting My Mom--And This Was Lunch!!

    I have already eaten supper and this thread is making me hungry. Thanks man.:)
  3. Re: Scientific study on why conservatives are conservative.

    Its not elevated fear but being prepared for whats coming.
  4. Re: Man Trying To Kill Spider Sets Rental House On Fire

    i don't fear all the other insects or snakes or animals, but spiders will make me hurt myself. I don't know why can't explain it but the eight legged freaks just get under my skin. I will pick up a...
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    Re: SEC Network Links and news

    I talked to charter tonight and the person told me that charter is in talks with the sec network and they should know something soon.
  6. Re: Those to Whom This Video Applies--You Know Who You Are

    Well I do have my problems.:(
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    Re: Fukushima Just Can't Catch a Break

    We can think Jimmy the failure Carter for demonizing Nuclear power.
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    I don't guess you could catch adults committing incest unless they was doing outside or one of them got pregnant. Well but the thought of that is just sick and like a lot of perversions I just don't...
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    Re: This is who I know we're doomed...

    The shows on TV that go out on the road and ask questions of people that a six grader should know and don't. It just make you wonder is this a joke or are people that stupid. I am not the sharpest...
  10. Re: US to surpass Saudi Arabia & Russia in oil production

    You have some very good points and I do agree with your post. I just want to bring up a point that the thought on Japan during WWII was we would have a hard time making the Japanese give up because...
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    Re: Fukushima Just Can't Catch a Break

    There plants do not have the level of protection and safety systems that ours do. Even from what happened to the japanese plant the America plants are upgrading their systems to meet more problems...
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    They need to nip this crap in the bud. That judge should be thrown in jail. Anybody that could hurt somebody in their family or outside it should be punished to the full measure of the law.
  13. Re: US to surpass Saudi Arabia & Russia in oil production

    I didn't say that the russians are better at fighting then us but that they will fight at their level. They don't care if they kill women or children. During the afghanistan conflict they would make...
  14. Re: Poor Inner City Disenfranchised Are Mad BC Illegals Are Taking Their Free Money

    If my memory serves me right wasn't the riots in miami florida in the eighty's was about the influx of illegals the reason because they were taken the resources away from the black community.
  15. Re: US to surpass Saudi Arabia & Russia in oil production

    This is very smart of russia. America turns their back on iraq and here comes our heroes. No matter what America has done for them, what have you done for me lately. In their most needed moment who...
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