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    Re: Deontay Wilder to fight in Birmingham June 13

    When you see something like May 2nd in the welterweight division, you question why you even care anymore. I loved watching MP through the Eric Morales/Marco Antonio Barrera era, those were fights. I...
  2. Re: Carly Fiorina, Ben Carson Throw Their Hats in the Ring

    CF believes in climate change and believes (I think) it's at least partially man-made but doesn't believe we can do anything about it....huh?
    As for BC, he's had to walk back so many idiotic...
  3. Re: National Guard guards Seals and Green Berets in Texas...

    I'm seriously considering buying stock in Alcoa.....
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    Re: Oh, so NOW the AL GOP Wants a Lottery

    Funny thing...when I drive across the line to Florida and buy tickets, most of the people I see buying tickets (with Alabama plates) don't look to be poor or impoverished. Some do, but like others...
  5. Re: Baltimore protests / riots (was: Orioles COO John Angelos offers perspective...)

    I didn't see that...must not be the three who put him in the wagon, they were all white.
    But I did watch Kate Snow interview six cops, 3 black and 3 white (not sure if they were all from Baltimore,...
  6. Re: Landon Collins - where do you think he will go?

    LC never had the issues RG has had; he did everything right and had a less than stellar game against OSU and the pros wrongfully made him pay. He left early to be a first rounder, that's what he was...
  7. Re: Medical Marijuana in Alabama passes Senate Panel

    They were (maybe still are...?) a fixture here along the GC for many years - no chance we were ever "going Californian".....
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    Re: SCOTUS Irony re: Gay Marriage

    I see what you did there. Well played.
    Unless you are running for President, I think you're good.
  9. Re: Baltimore

    I never saw anything other than the cops having him on the ground; did they tackle him? Could it have happened at that point? He was running from cops, and that's kind of like running from a mean...
  10. Re: Lobbyists spend more money on Congress than taxpayers do

  11. Re: If the 2014 season happens again for Alabama in 2015, how would you feel?

    Disappointed somewhat, but as others have said you can't win them all. The sun will (hopefully) still rise the next day.
  12. Re: Medical Marijuana in Alabama passes Senate Panel

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    Re: The Obama economy vs. The Reagan Economy

    Massive expansion that exploded the deficit and put the military industrial complex in the king's chair. The ONLY benefit was that it hastened the demise of the USSR (which would have happened...
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    Re: Cyrus Jones Arrested

    Yeah and we know "eyewitness" testimony is 100% accurate....

    When the day comes (and I'm sure it's on the way) that I can be charged with harassment for beeping at some idiot on a cell phone...
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    Link: Re: Interesting take on Bama QBs from SDS...

    ^^^^^^This. If the only flaw he has is progression and pulling the trigger on dump-offs, that can be remedied (actually I thought I saw him move through progressions a couple of times pretty easily -...
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