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    Re: Five coaching roads to nowhere

    It is hard to argue with either list. Some places just aren't good football schools. Jim Grobe did a fine job at Ohio University and then Wake.
  2. Re: Aerial Footage of Cullman in Snow, What a Wonderful World

  3. Re: winter weather alert: The Sky is Falling!!!!!

    I am happy my folks in Florence got a decent snow, 5 inches. They came up to visit last Thursday and we had 10 inches on the ground, woke up to -18 Friday morning and then say about 8 more inches...
  4. Re: Levi Randolph Accomplishes Goal: Named Second Team Academic All-American

    This is a fantastic honor and achievement for this young man. Congratulations and best wishes to you!
  5. Game Thread Re: ****Official Game Thread - Bama vs. USC****

    It's always nice to get a win but this was especially nice playing short-handed.
  6. Link: Re: 15 Reasons Why Dickey Nutt Should Be Alabama Basketball's Next Head Coach

    Although I do not have a vote in the decision, I say NO!!!
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    Re: I'm Coming Back to Alabama

    Congrats on the move and new job.
  8. Re: Man Awakens To Find Angry Girlfriend Biting Off His Thang

    Too bad it wasn't below zero in Tulsa, then the guy would not of had anything too worry about.
  9. Re: West Virginia lawmakers mull naming highway after Nick Saban

    With Joe Manchin helping plug the naming of the highway, you can bet it will happen. He is a very powerful man in W.V.
  10. Re: ****Official Post-Game Thread - Bama vs. AU****

    The thing that I enjoyed was that we pushed the ball up the floor and took some shots when we had the to take. I'd rather watch us play this tempo and lose than to watch us run the clock down, take a...
  11. Re: Alabama football players give deserving heroes a heart-warming surprise

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    Re: Word Association Game

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    Re: Connect The Post

    List price
  14. Re: Justice Ginsburg Says She Was Schnockered at The SOTU Address

    I dont even drink and I sleep through most of the POTUS speeches.
  15. Game Thread Re: ****Official Game Thread - Bama vs. Vandy****

    There was no reason for Alabama to lose this game at home against a very young Vanderbilt team.
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