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  1. Link: Re: Nick Saban: UA Needs 'Players Who Want to Buy In'

    "It's not the will to win, it's the will to prepare to win...."
  2. Re: NCAA taking a second look at N Carolina academic fraud

    NCAA enforcement is officially over. It probably ended some time during the Cam fiasco. If you need a definite marking point, write down the day the UNC final decision was rendered.
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    Re: Players Impressed with Coach Saban's New Car

    I think his son runs the MB dealership in Birmingham....
  4. Re: Stuart Bell to be recommended as new UA president

    I think she announced back in December that she wanted to retire this year some time. I have heard she planned to go back to teaching, at least part time. She took the job at a difficult time and...
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    Re: UAB reinstates football for 2016

    Yes. The Birmingham media, which really wanted to make a circus out of it, loved focusing in on close shots of the 10s of students who were "protesting" over the loss of their beloved Blazers. ...
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    Link: Re: Ole Miss' Peach Bowl PARTICIPATION rings

    Ackbars. Trying hard to have more nicknames than the Barners.

    I had no idea they had hung a Division banner. Probably ought to say "co-champions" and have a little asterisk on it.

    The rings...
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    Re: The Problems with a Cost of Attendance Stipend

    Yep, it'll matter. And anyone who thought that API wouldn't magically have an incredibly high COA hasn't been paying attention for the last 25 years or so. The idea that it costs significantly more...
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    Re: Athlon and SEC West

    The Barn is overrated, maybe by a lot. If the officials make as much progress continuing to enforce the rules as written instead of helping Guster, his offense is going to struggle. Coach Boom is a...
  9. Re: NCAA taking a second look at N Carolina academic fraud

    I have no idea what will happen, but if UNC skates on this one, that will be all the proof I need that the long era of ncaa enforcement is over....
  10. Re: Steve Shaw Tells JOX's The Roundtable Matt Moore and Penn Wagers Retired

    Things can always be worse, the devil you do know, etc. I'm willing to take my chances where Wagers is concerned. Hope they break up that crew....
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    Re: Zach Mettenberger quote on QB competition

    Mett will start some games for the Titans this year. Even if MM picks up the offense and can run it by game 1 (big if) he'll still miss a start or two with an injury. Mett's problem is that the...
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    Re: Cyrus Jones Arrested

    And to some extent it is no win for the cops. Third party calls. They are yelling. He is a big muscular guy. He threatened her. If it seems calm and you just ignore it, then two hours later...
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    Re: Favorite players from your childhood

    Scott Hunter. Johnny Musso. Johnny Davis. And yes, I'm older than 90% of you.
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    Re: Cyrus Jones Arrested

    So stupid. Getting to where I dread reading the news. Nothing but bad news this time of the year. These charges are about the least you can get and still be arrested, but that is missing the point.
  15. Re: Gameday Tents, Quad tailgate spots, major price increase

    Yep, it's very big business. And the fees are how a relatively small population state like Alabama, with a really iffy tax base, can do the things that happen at the University of Alabama.

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