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    Re: The Walking Dead

    Joe Toye was also on this season.
  2. Re: UFC - Anderson Silva breaks leg in title fight

    He won't be walking anywhere from now on.
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    Re: Rasslers From Days Gone By

    tony atlas!!!!!!
  4. Re: Could Special teams win Bama our third in a row this year?

    If we have to rely on our special teams this year I see us giving up a lotta blocks! Whole lot!!
  5. Re: Kenny Bell tweets that he's giving up football

    I wonder if the O-Line play had anything to do with his decision?
  6. Re: Watching the game in Panama City Beach

    Schooners on Thomas Dr. or Sharky's on Front Beach Rd. Both on beach with great views and T.V.'s.
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    Re: Kirby Smart the Snake Killer

    That snake is called a "2 step". If I get within 2 steps of it I'll .... myself.
  8. News Article: Re: Paula Deen's show not to be renewed amid allegations of racism

    I agree. I like to watch Pioneer Woman and Garth Brooks's wife.
  9. News Article: Re: Paula Deen's show not to be renewed amid allegations of racism

    The sad thing is, it's the food that will suffer.
  10. Link: Re: Bret Bielema Agrees with Coach Saban; Wants Rules Changes for NHHU Offenses

    I wonder what hurts more players. The no huddle offense OR oversized 5 star players at every position?
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    Re: AJ (McCarron, not me) gettin' it done

    He's not Joe Willie yet. Gotta lot more work to do.
  12. News Article: Re: Baltimore Ravens: Courtney Upshaw's Weight Problems Should Be a Concern

    I would say the personal issue is the biggest hurdle.
  13. Re: Lollipop Company Begins Selling Breast Milk Flavored Suckers

    I'll take the Jessica Alba flavor. It would be my new favorite food.
  14. Re: Saw An Aggie With An Anti-Bama T-Shirt Last Week.....

    To be fair, had the scores been reversed we would have told them "we just beat the hell outa you"!
  15. Re: Man sets camera to see ghosts, catches GF having sex with his son

    When you get too old to cut the mustard you should still be able to lick the jar.
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