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  1. Re: Nate Silver Weighs In On The Pending Disaster

    You're better than me because I predicted that whoever followed Bush would be a one term President. Did not matter if it was Obama, Clinton, or McCain. Of course, I am holding out hope of...
  2. Re: Nate Silver Weighs In On The Pending Disaster

    I have not read the entire thread but didn't Silver predict that the Republicans would take the Senate in 2012 and predicted a split House of Representatives with a small Republican majority in 2010?
  3. Re: Transgender Woman Says Not Responsible For Murders Committed As A Man

    Then, that dude better stay off the water slides if she is thinking of going to a water park. I am not sure Steven Tyler can get high enough to mistake this, "Dude Looks Like a Lady."
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    Re: Alabama Pro Day #1 Today

    I actually think I saw Steen in Bham yesterday. Might have been visiting Dr Cain at St Vincents.... I thought that odd because I believe Steen will get drafted in the mid rounds. Too good of an...
  5. Re: Lakewood Church in Houston has $600K stolen

    I have seen it, but it is rare. As a kid growing up our preacher led our church in the 70s (number of members grew), left to take a baptist church on the Alabama coast and it grew as well. He...
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    Re: "TV" Teddy Valentine vs. Mick Cronin

    Just curious, but did the ref get the out of bounds call right?
  7. Re: Mass. takes child away from parents after hospital accuses parents

    I have been following the case and one would think that there must be other circumstances that would have the state take the child from the parents. However, the parents of this child have another...
  8. Re: Is Coach Saban the Most Disliked Man in College Athletics?

    It seems that a lot of coaches are taking some cheap shots at CNS lately with this HUNH defensive substitution rule with the most recent comments coming from Spurrier and now the kid at Texas Tech. ...
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    Re: Derrick Thomas "A Football Life".

    Both penalties on DT came against Chris Carter. I remember watching the game and thinking what are we doing putting that Freshman LB outside on an All American WR? If I am not mistaken the second...
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    Re: Kansas Legislator pushing anti-gay bill

    Actually, when I owned a restaurant a few years back, I turned away a known lobbyist and a state representative from Birmingham. :smile: True story. Met them in the parking lot and told them we had...
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    Re: Putting a Bow on this class

    Am I right, or did we not only pull the top prospect right out of Auburn from Malzahn. But, we also pulled a top prospect from Malzahn's old town in Arkansas, Springdale?
  12. Re: New York Republican Congressman Michael Grimm Threatens to Throw Reporter Off Bal

    Wasn't it Coach Bryant when asked for $10.00 to help with the burial expenses of a journalist, said "Here's a 20 and bury two!" :D
  13. Re: Rumph to UT; DL Coaching Vacancy Discussion (keep all discussion here)

    I should have put it in blue, but hopefully you get the jest of what I am trying to say.....Bo Davis would not help with any improvement as far as DL play goes.....
  14. Re: Rumph to UT; DL Coaching Vacancy Discussion (keep all discussion here)

    This may not be a popular opinion, but I would rather have Wayne Hall back than Bo Davis. Just a personal observation and some discussions with those who have knowledge.
  15. Re: Kenyan Drake takes responsibility for mistakes (presumably why he didn't play Thu

    Walking out of the Superdome Thursday night, a guy from Louisiana asked me why 17 did not play, "cause he is a 100 yard back." I just looked at the guy and said that he might have been in trouble...
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