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    Re: How would you grade Kiffin thus far?

    I'd grade him a solid "On TV too dang much during game broadcasts." ;)

    Seriously, it's as if the networks are hoping for/expecting a fist fight between him & Coach Saban.
  2. Link: Re: Another potentially bad tipper by a celebrity/pro athlete.

    I can't recall the user's name now, but apparently s/he is in the server biz. (I believe s/he was shown the TF exit door forcefully, & not just because of this particular post s/he made.)

    IIRC, I...
  3. Re: Gays and Liberals rejoice, Chick-Fil-A founder, Truett Cathy, dead at 93

    mrs. exiled & I haven't eaten at Chik-Fil-A since, let's see,...trying to remember...oh yeah, it was last night. #1 with Waffle Fries + lemonade; good stuff! :)

    Back more on point, what Gmart &...
  4. Link: Re: Another potentially bad tipper by a celebrity/pro athlete.

    I'm still scarred from getting reamed out in another tipping thread a year or two or go, so I'm Seargeant Schultz from the old comedy "Hogan's Heroes": "I know NOTHING..."
  5. Poll: Re: Which is the best Bama vs southern miss memory

    I was at both of those (the Reggie game as a student; the Favre one as an alum). Try living in H'burg as a Bama grad/fan after that Favre fun, sir! ;)
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    Re: Pick the score: So. Miss. vs. Alabama

    My local USM buddies are not even a little bit optimistic fwiw. They already weren't very optimistic; then USM won a nail-biter vs. Alcorn St. this past Saturday. Fedora didn't recruit well, esp...
  7. Re: NFL lobbies NFL Teams to consider Michael Sam as practice squad player.

    Somehow, this scene from one of the greatest movies ever made comes to mind...
  8. Re: Bay City HS, OH students dump feces/urine on Autistic boy in ALS ice bucket twist

    ...from about 18" away. After the first miss, the thrower gets to manually press the "drop" target.
  9. Re: CFB Live-"Alabama is the most overrated team in the country."

    Kanell...didn't he used to play football for someone back in the day? I can't recall who. Whatever became of that guy?
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    Re: Teams You Watch In Hopes They Lose

    Like others, I'll need to define "watch" as "laugh at Twitter and/or post-game highlights." With that said, here's my list:

    1-3. Notre Dame (Can't recall how I felt about them prior to 1966 when...
  11. Re: CNBC talking heads warn of up to 60% market correction

    Lucius?? All these years since Charlie Daniels sang about you, I never knew you were an engineer. Or that Wooley Swamp was located near Arab, AL. :biggrin2:
  12. Re: USCw Running back Anthony Brown quits team, calls Coach Sark "Racist"

    This. Why, everyone knows that all of the racists live in the South, with most of them in MS + a few in AL. There are no racists out in the enlightened West.
  13. News Article: Re: 24 years ago today we lost a great one - Stevie Ray Vaughan

    I saw him @ the NOLA JazzFest the previous April. Simply amazing, from start to finish. I've seen a lot of live music, but SRV is right there at the top. Unreal to see in person.
  14. Re: New House bill to ban private citizens from owning body armor

    Simple solution: They should pass a law saying "Don't kill anyone." Surely, that'd do the trick.
  15. Re: New House bill to ban private citizens from owning body armor

    Especially in the wee hours of the a.m.
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