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    Link: Re: Top 15 Offensive Players in 2015

    They forgot to mention that he faced some of those guys on a bum ankle. Cam's season last year is highly praised but still probably not adequately. He came in and from game one was not a concern. ...
  2. Link: Re: post-spring secondary review - Roll Bama Roll

    Thanks for the article, interesting read without being overly complex.
  3. Re: Seattle Seahawks: Jesse Williams Diagnosed with Cancer & Will Undergo Kidney Surg

    Wish the best for him. It would be great to see him be able to make a comeback even if very brief. With his work ethic I'm confident he will beat this challenge as well.
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    Question: Re: Braxton Miller to UA?

    Why would he come here? Bama won't play a black qb. (Blue font)
  5. Re: Notre Dame's Everett Golson considering transfer to LSU

    No, he's not considering auburn.
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    Re: 2016 HJUCO OT Garret Bolles

    We can never have enough quality offensive lineman and specifically tackles. If you look at our roster currently it isn't hard to see that we don't have an overabundane of tackles. We have Cam and...
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    Re: 10 or c went 0-fer in the draft

    They should definitely be improved, I've still never been blown away by Jones' in game coaching. He has also made some personnel decisions I haven't quite understood. There is no doubt he is...
  8. Link: Re: Top-10 NFL Draft Picks on Alabama's Current Roster

    A very famous one, Ray Guy, was drafted in the first round.
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    Re: A Draft Observation

    You're right we are young. The recruiting classes that are true juniors and sophomores need to step up and create what this team will be. They've been waiting and now it's their turn. Both were...
  10. Re: Arie Kouandjio goes to the Redskins in the 4th

    Roll tide. Great determination to come back from the knees issues be had. Improvement from junior to senior year was stark.
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    Re: Jalston Fowler to the Titans

    He was always one of my favorites. Remember his one handed catch on high school tape. Talented hard working dude.
  12. Re: Cyrus Jones Arrested

    Well that's finally some good news. It's always nice when doing the right thing ends up helping you and not hurting you. I hope this is the end of our players' interactions with law enforcement...
  13. Link: Re: Will Alabama Match Past Success in Tonight's NFL Draft? Check Out the Numbers

    The fact that UNC is that high on that list and has done essentially nothing is pretty pathetic. Miami would also fall into that category.

    LSU may pass us, the difference is we are getting...
  14. Re: Cyrus Jones Arrested

    Man I had a bad day yesterday and was hoping for some good news, request denied. Doesn't sound like much of an issue but it is still a headline, and from a guy that is probably expected to be a...
  15. News Article: Re: We Still Haven't Gotten Our Identity Back

    I agree with this very much. I will say that I feel like last year we did a better job of not looking totally lost making last minute substitutions on defense. The thing I'm waiting to see is how...
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