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  1. Re: John Chavis files lawsuit against A&M, LSU

    Wow... I thought this was a joke when I read the title. Man, it's a never a dull moment any time the corndoggers are involved. Still, don't see how Chavis has a leg to stand on here. His last day was...
  2. Re: Illegal man downfield rule getting some resistance from some coaches.

    Agree with you here and it still would be better than the refs missing the blatant calls from a couple of years ago.
  3. Illegal man downfield rule getting some resistance from some coaches.

    Illegal man downfield rule getting some resistance ... from the usual suspects.

  4. Re: ESPN's Olbermann won't host show this week over Penn State tweets

    When was the last time you heard a news story where only facts and not editorial were presented? It's been a while. Nothing reported is ever quite as bad as it's made out or as good as it's made out....
  5. Re: New Bama Safety Ronnie Harrison Posts Instagram Video of One Handed Catch

    Can he play both sides of the line? WR & Safety? :)
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    Re: Mel Tucker`s Technique With DB Coverage?

    No one wins in the offseason :(
  7. Re: Eleven Former Alabama Players Invited to NFL Combine

    All 4 of them will get signed ... eventually.
  8. Link: Re: DJ Fluker Essay on Recruiting in "The Players Tribune": Marry Your School

    Fantastic read. Can apply to a number of other things outside of college even. Thanks for posting :)
  9. Link: Re: Is Marshawn Lynch sending kids the wrong message? Larry Foote thinks so.

    Couldn't agree more. This year I decided to not watch any ESPN or other sports shows concerning the NFL (except for about 15 min of media conjecture after the Super Bowl -- that was all I could...
  10. Re: Ex-Alabama safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix makes fun of LSU for hiring defensive coo...

    Never a good idea to run your mouth publicly about another guy. The behind you kick on the way up may be the one you have to kiss on the way down, etc. Though I have to admit, it is kind of funny :)
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    Re: Joe Namath a Football Life

    My brother and I got to meet him once. Totally great person. Yeah, like all of us, he's had his share of issues but I believe he's a great human being. Very down to earth guy.
  12. Re: Lane Kiffin's Return Is a Huge Boost for Alabama QB Jake Coker

    Easily my favorite QB going back to when I first started following the Tide in 78. Rings are great but character means a lot.
  13. Link: Re: Richard Sherman/Michael Bennett call out NCAA "scam".

    No way Michael Bennett is.

    Exhibit A:

    Very very bad analogy.

    If they don't like it, they should join the Marine Corps. Looking back on it, I would have loved to have gone to college...
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    Re: Army-Navy date could be problematic

    Deflated footballs aren't life and death either but ....
  15. Re: LSU Brandon Harris' HS coach advising him to transfer out of LSU.

    But definitely should have. Since 07, the LSU offense has been something of a train wreck but not always due to players -- more the coaching. IMO.
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