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  1. Re: Illegal man downfield rule getting some resistance from some coaches.

    The extra official would certainly help, since the umpire really can't watch for both holding and illegal men downfield at the same time. Of course, adding the 2nd umpire might lead to a sudden rash...
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    Re: John Chavis files lawsuit against A&M, LSU

    I'm not sure they can point to a guy buying a second home as the event that defines his termination date. Afer all, when did CNS buy his lake house?

    I'm pretty sure that he was required to give a...
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    Re: SEC Football impressive majors

    I'm guessing Conley thought it'd be easier than basket weaving...
  4. Re: Okie State OL Coach - "Bucket Step Bob" gets job at USC

    Look on the bright side: he's got a whole year to screw them up before we have to play them.
  5. Re: Gary Patterson Wants All Conference Championship Games Eliminated

    A four team playoff with two play-in games? Not a bad suggestion, and one that was considered along with everything else right from the start. The problem is that you CAN'T come up with a system that...
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    Link: Re: The Rookie Scouting Portfolio: Blake Sims

    Another Blake Sims scouting report...
  7. Re: Rule Change Proposal: Ineligible Man Downfield Decreased to One Yard

    I can hear Malzahn crying all the way down here in Florida...
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    Re: Stoops reinstates Joe Mixon

    I don't have a problem with a kid getting a second chance, but I trust that CNS has done his due diligence with Taylor. After the shameless DGB waiver request, I can't say the same about Stoops. He...
  9. Link: Re: DJ Fluker Essay on Recruiting in "The Players Tribune": Marry Your School

    Best article I've read in a long time.
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    Stoops reinstates Joe Mixon

    I'm sure I would feel different about this if it was CNS, but after the DGB thing last season, I'm wondering if there ARE any limits to what Stoops will forgive...
  11. Re: Looks Like Alabama Won't Have the No. 1 Class. Does anyone care?

    Does this mean that Sarkisian gets the free year's subscription to Rivals?
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    Re: 2014-2015 Coaching Carousel

    I don't know the details of his separation agreement with UW, but there might not be an announcement until after 6 Feb. That was the original emancipation date on his UW contract, and after the mess...
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    Re: National champions by each school

    I'd feel more comfortable replacing it with '66...
  14. Re: Why is Nick Saban so much better at Alabama than he was at LSU?

    This. Who really cared about the new coach from Michigan State? How much press did he get? It took a while to build that street cred...
  15. Link: Re: Patriots' Trick Play That Got John Harbaugh Mad That's Similar To Bama's Trick P

    Wasn't that the Andre screen? I though the flag was picked up because the pass was behind the LOS.
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