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  1. Re: Andrew Bone Reporting Montel McBride is Going to JUCO

    Yeah, I'm just hoping Henry is the second coming of Trent, and that Bo is remotely like them. However, if we see even a bit of the breakaway ability Henry showed in the last game, I'll gladly revise...
  2. Re: Alabama might implement 2-quarterback system in 2014

    I heard we were working on a Wishbone formation with Coker under center, and Sims, Yeldon and Fowler behind them. It's the "Sextuple Option". Coker could pass, three could run, or three could throw...
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    Game Thread Re: USA vs Belgium - Altidore Cleared!

    Sure. I cycled through a lot of great Bama athletes' names before I arrived at the ones I listed. If Dont'a Hightower or Marcel Dareus were born in Europe, they might have been great pack players...
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    Game Thread Re: USA vs Belgium - Altidore Cleared!

    I love this talk of what-ifs with great US athletes. Let's bring it back to Bama football. If all the players who played for CNS at Bama had been born in a nation where soccer (futbol) was the...
  5. Re: Auburn signee Tre Williams' thoughts on Nick Saban: 'little man syndrome'

    More interesting than this thread has gotten: I read recently that Napoleon Bonaparte was about 5'7" which was quite the norm for Caucasian European men of his time. That would mean the whole...
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    News Article: Re: Morris as punter

    {Obviously I didn't hit the link before I ranted - I'm all for the sarcasm in the post.}

    I agree that whenever we're around the 50 it'd be great to trot him out with a punk/fake option. Heck, why...
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    News Article: Re: Morris as punter

    This is one of my Top 3 issues; thanks for addressing it. Morris had better not be the answer unless he drastically improves his technique (spiral) this summer.

    One of the others (Pizzola?) was...
  8. Question: Re: Florida State's Defense in the National Championship Game (Correlation)

    I sure hope it's like defending the wishbone, and that within a year or two we can all be stacking the box and busting it up, so it goes the way of the wishbone.
  9. Thread: my A game take

    by MBA_99

    Re: my A game take

    I really can't wait to watch that front 7 roll over WVU. It will truly be a crimson tide.
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    Re: Here is your Duron Carter update

    Funny. Glad he's seeing success; hate he couldn't play here.
  11. Link: Re: Report: Alabama athletic revenues higher than all 30 NHL teams, most NBA teams

    Forget finance, let's put our marketing hats on. How much lower would gross revenue be if it was a sport of paid players? I think a lot less. The question everyone needs to be asking is, Would we...
  12. Re: I found this hidden away in my Grandfather's home.

    Yep, I had one treasured bottle, and then found like six at a garage sale for $2 each in the 1990s. I think they're worth a good bit to someone who really wants to decorate their man cave with one,...
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    Re: Saban Coaching Error in game against Auburn

    I spent much of the IB yelling that we should gash them with quick slants like UGA's Murray did the week prior. AJ scores with that 95 times out of 100. I love CNS but he or Nuss stuck with our...
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    Re: Marvin Constant's story

    I hope this guy aces every job interview.

    "Can you tell me an example of a time you had to go above and beyond for your team memberss?"
    "Okay, tell me if one of the other candidates can top...
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    Re: Get ready for another title run.

    OK, we will NOT ever say We think we can beat Auburn because they're losing a good tailback. We will beat Auburn because our team and coaching are a ton better. They were not in late November 2013,...
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