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    Re: Plain Trouble on "Da Plains" (all AU posts here)

    And probably done right after a fairly big play resulting in a first they went ultra fast in getting the next snap off.
  2. Re: Police officer fired for flying a Confederate flag from her house.

    "Originally Posted by Georgia Secession Declaration …The faithless conduct of our adversaries is not confined to such acts as might aggrandize themselves or their section of the Union. They...
  3. Re: SAS use "The Punisher" (grenade launcher) against ISIS

    If I'm not mistaken, a lot of the technology for that weapon system was developed right up here at Redstone Arsenal.
  4. Re: State of Alabama financing college sports

    Back in the '90s, some of the smaller colleges (athen state) and many of the juco's terminated athletics. I know Calhoun cc in Decatur got rid of all, but have since brought baseball and softball...
  5. Re: Former Miss Alabama calls Dallas murderer a martyr

    That right there is some messed up stuff! White, black, green or yellow...she should be stripped of the Misss Alabama title! Really don't care for someone with those thoughts representing the state...
  6. Re: Baylor needs to hire some good lawyers (Update: Briles Fired, AD and Starr Resign

    Wasn't in blue, so I'm not sure of sarcasm, BUT...the ncaa can't dole out enough punishment for the heinous crap that bu has pulled.
  7. Link: Re: LSU QB Brandon Harris has Plenty of Confidence Heading into the Season

    As my youngest has stated several times this summer about summer workouts/7on7's..."it's easy to look good when the D can't touch you".
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    Re: Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA) Trip

    Been twice. I might have been up there at the same time as 92tide back in '86. We did a base camp fishing trip with Williams and Hall. Great trip where we caught fish from our first cast on!! So...
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    Re: AG Lynch Under Fire For Terror Comments

  10. Link: Re: Gregg Goff Expected to be Named Alabama Baseball Coach

    "Goff: Our No. 1 goal is recruiting. Every player in this state will hear from me within 48 hours." My son must be a different kind of player...4 days out and we/he didn't hear anything. :rolleyes:
  11. News Article: Re: Bill Battle to take a leave of absence to undergo cancer treatment

    Prayers for Mr. Battle and family. Cancer sucks...
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    Re: What Gun Reform would you suggest?

    4th of July recess coming shortly. They'll sneak it in the back door at 2am, attached to some feel good bill everyone would vote for...
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    Re: Plain Trouble on "Da Plains" (all AU posts here)

    And if it's the kid from MA, they have a pipeline there anyways.
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    Re: A Note On Blood Donation

    I need to go try again then!
  15. Link: Re: Gregg Goff Expected to be Named Alabama Baseball Coach

    The barn gave his brother a baseball managers scholarship. That's why the flip. Would love to see burns recruit more local kids/talent. He's in the center of a hotbed of talent, yet in my...
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