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  1. Link: Re: Sarah Patterson Steps Down as Gymnastics Coach

    She is one of our all-time best coaches! There MUST be a statue at the Capstone!!
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    Re: National Champion Vanderbilt Commodores

    A hearty congratulations to Vandy!! I watched every minute of the game. I feared Vandy left their starter in one inning too long, but it all worked out.
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    Link: Re: Julio's little shack in Georgia

    I'm glad to read the above comment. It's good to hear that UA is doing all it can to give our guys the tools and knowledge to make solid financial decisions that'll stand up over time. I likewise...
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    Game Thread Re: Bama vs. UF - Game Two...

    Congratulations to the softball team for a GREAT season!! There are a lot of teams that can only wish they could experience participation in the WCWS. To have made it to the finals is a terrific...
  5. Game Thread Re: OK, time for the big one - Bama vs. Florida, 7:00 PM, CDT, ESPN...

    I've been following Bama's softball team and appreciate this thread being on the football forum where it will likely get more eyeballs than if it was solely on the Women's Sports forum. Best wishes...
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    Re: Next up in the WCWS - Bama vs. Oregon...

    Congratulations to the entire team!! Keep it going against Florida tonight.
  7. Re: 2014 NCAA Women's College World Series Bracket

    Great job by the softball team! Traina pitched a terrific game; HR by McClenty (sp?); great job by Hunt in avoiding the tag at home... An all-around excellent effort.

    Best wishes to the team as...
  8. Re: 2014 NCAA Women's College World Series Bracket

    I watched last night's game to the end and thoroughly enjoyed it. (Being retired helps...) Very proud of the ladies for knocking off Oklahoma - the defending champions. I'll be front-center...
  9. Re: Women's Tennis captures their first NC title!

    I'm very pleased to see this and heartily congratulate the ladies for winning a tennis NC! Hopefully this will help with recruiting; I'd like to see Alabama tennis stay on the national stage.
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    Re: NCAA Golf National Champions

    A hearty congratulations to the men's golf team!! Great job!!!
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    Re: Caption This

    Coach!! I had scissors! YOU had paper! I win!! YOU have to go back for the Li'l Debbies! Coach??
    Never mind... I'll be right back.
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    Re: My Spring Preview of the Tide.

    Excellent read! Thanks for taking the time to put this together.
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    Re: Alvin Kamara leaving as well

    Best wishes to AK!
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    Re: Alabama Juniors Declaring for the NFL Draft

    Best wishes to all who opt for the NFL. I thank them for their time at Alabama and wish them nothing but the best.
  15. Link: Re: Alabama hires Lane Kiffin as offensive coordinator

    The Fossil swallows hard.

    The Fossil reminds himself he has full confidence in Coach Saban's instincts and decisions.

    The Fossil smiles broadly.

    Welcome, Coach Kiffin!!
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