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    Re: Top 5 Concerns for a 2014 Title run

    While this team may be short on experience at some positions, I believe it is one of the most talented. The coaches are the best in the nation. My biggest concern is that CNS will run out of Little...
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    Re: Breakout True Freshman?

    I would agree with those two.
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    Re: McElroy commentary on ESPN...

    I don't agree with him, but Greg is entitled to his opinion.
  4. Re: Tennessee committed recruit embraces rivalry, calls out Alabama

    I hear orange is the new pink.
  5. Re: The gods of sports are cruel...

    I was pulling for Germany since my great, great grandpappy came from Germany. Brazil should take tomorrow off also.
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    Re: Freshman DT Josh Frazier

    I think you are right! I am excited about all the new players. I was at the Post Office this morning when a lady saw that I was wearing my Alabama hat and asked me if I was a Bama fan. I told her I...
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    Re: Prayers for recovery after accident

    We will certainly pray for you. God Bless!
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    Poll: Re: Best 1980s Bama Team?

    The 1989 team was my favorite team although they lost the last two games.
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    Re: IRS unable to produce emails to Congress

    He pointed out the fallacy of Koskinen saying that no wrongdoing has taken place when he didn't even understand the laws and regulations. Gowdy got Koskinen to admit that he could not say whether...
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    Re: IRS unable to produce emails to Congress

    Gowdy torched Koskinen last night.
  11. Re: Blowing Leads To Auburn: A Problem We Must Fix Long-Term

    I have never agreed with the philosophy of going vanilla on offense when you get a lead. Keep going with what got you the lead in the first place.
  12. Re: Bama officially out of NCAA repeat violator window from textbook case

    Whew.. I can actually take a breath!
  13. Re: Is Coach Saban the Most Disliked Man in College Athletics?

    I hope every team on our schedule next year hates CNS. I hope Barner fans hate him so much they burn him in effigy at Toomer's Corner. I hope at the end of the National Championship games he is hated...
  14. Link: Re: "Alabama desperate for 12th game in 2015, will 'take anybody'"

    Did they call Coach Jones at USA?
  15. Re: New Idea for Rules Committee to Address Pace of Play

    If Bama adopts the HUNH and goes undefeated there will be a special NCAA meeting to ban it. I do think we will see a more uptempo offense this year, but I doubt anyone would ever confuse our offense...
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