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  1. Thread: Cuba

    by TommyMac

    Re: Cuba

    A pitiful attempt by a totally corrupt POTUS to try to salvage somewhat of a legacy.

    After 6 years of colossal mistakes, this may be one of his worst. One thing you can bank on, this will cost us...
  2. Re: Official "What Ohio State fans are saying about the matchup" thread

    This takes me back to my Navy days aboard the USS Lexington. My two bst buds were both from Pennsylvania, one from Philly, one from Canonsburg, near Pittsburgh. The one from Canonsburg would say...
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    Re: Thoughts and Prayers for My Daughter

    Prayers sent. Keep us posted.
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    Re: US teens detained trying to join ISIS

    I'm sure our Terrorist-in-Chief, a fellow Chicagoan, is really proud of them.

    :mad: :mad: :mad:
  5. Link: Re: Gary Danielson on the Iron Bowl and the SEC Championship Game

    I like both Gary and Verne. but then I'm not expecting Bama cheerleaders to do our games.

    Gary is damn good at reading the flow of the game and pointing out a ton of details that often go...
  6. Re: Amari's recruiting ranking in retrospect is kind of funny.

    We've really been lucky to get two WR's like Julio and Amari in such a shoer time. Besides their tremendous physical skills, both have great work ethic, don't mind the dirty work, not all full of...
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    Re: Man, what just happened?

    Seems to me you're not serious enough if you're willing to leave an IB to go do chores.
  8. JessN: Re: Auburn preview: Tigers have been effective in the spoiler role

    Comfortable win if we play our A game, but we haven't done that much this season. We seem to lose focus in the 2nd half for some inexplicable reason.

    Let's hope that's not the case today.
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    Re: Marion Barry died

    Too bad it wasn't another DC scumbag, you know, the one currently defiling 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

    :mad: :mad: :mad:
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    Re: FLORIDA: Woman Hacks Neighbor, Cooks Him

    "don't do meth!!"
  11. Re: Obamacare architect admits to deceiving public to get law passed

    Well, he has plenty of company in the most corrupt administration in our nation's history.

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    Re: Say Something Good About Mitippi Tate

    They've added 78 wins to Bama's total.

  13. Link: Re: TJ Yeldon Getting Comparisons to McFadden and DeAngelo Williams from NFL Scouts

    He reminds me of Sherman Williams with his quick feet.

    Might be going back a little too far for some of y'all.

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    Link: Re: Cecil Hurt's wrap up

    Phillip Marshall should never be mentioned in the same sentence with real journalists.
  15. Re: National Guard to be called to go to Africa but not secure our border?

    Not surprising at all. Our Idiot-In-Chief has no intentions of doing anything that makes sense or that might benefit our country.

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