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    Re: Jalston Fowler -- looks thinner.

    BIG SMILE!!!!!

    Last year my fave was Norwood. This year, guess who! And I do think his role will be significantly expanded with LK on board.
  2. Re: Is it just me, or has news out of Spring Camp been Exceptionally sparse?

    Could be wrong but I expect JF's field time and touches to multiply based on LK's historic offensive scheme.
  3. Link: Re: Horrible News: Brent Musburger and Jesse Palmer are Lead SEC Network Announcers

    I can tolerate Brent. It's Palmer and his nasally male counterpart voice to Erin Andrews I have a hard time enduring. Plus the fact, as someone else mentioned, he's horrible at calling games....
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    Re: Norwood Runs 4.39-40 At Combine

    Because all he ever had for a QB was a "Game Manager"
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    Re: Offensive Line futures discussion

    Didn't Grant Hill get significant snaps toward the end of the year? How is he a RS Freshman?
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    Re: Get ready for another title run.

    Gonna hold my expectations down to winning the west at this point. I think that's when we can realistically look at #16. We've had one regular season loss the last 3 years and managed to get into the...
  7. News Article: Re: The Senior Bowl practices are proving what we already knew about Norwood!

    Kevin's not the type person who needs fan approval or accolades to realize his ability and value as a football player and team mate. That is evidenced and supported by the fact that he is forever and...
  8. Re: Kevin Norwood on 99.1 The Game: "Then you have the guy coming in from Florida Sta

    As much as I disliked Kiffin prior to being one if our own this is spot on. The offense next year will incorporate which ever QB fits the offensive scheme, personnel package and O-line limitations....
  9. News Article: Re: NCAA poised to create separate division for SEC, Big Ten, ACC, Pac-12, Big 12


    Amen and Amen.
  10. Question: Re: Assuming if Blake Sims, or Luke Del Rio is the starter for 2014

    Although I do enjoy the spring game I would expect we would see only a flash or two of things to come in the fall. The Saban scripted spring game won't tip the hand, guaranteed.
  11. Link: Re: Alabama hires Lane Kiffin as offensive coordinator

    Well..... I'm taking a "wait n' see" stance on this one. I know he's a great offensive mind but this wasn't what I expected. Just gotta trust in CNS for now. Hopefully he's taken his lumps and...
  12. Question: Re: Who in the world is CK advisor to think he could of not used another year of CFB?

    :beatdeadhorse5: on
  13. Re: Thumbs up to Nessler and Blackledge Thursday Night!!!!!!!!!!

    My Fav's. Wish we could draw them more often.
  14. Re: Reasons to be optimistic about Future of Alabama football...

    Careful where you step. I see fresh green steaming patties and the smells kinda rank!
  15. Link: Re: Stoops uses victory to make his point. (ESPN)

    Let him and the sooner nation enjoy it for now. They won. We lost. We would've had some boasting to do as far as being recognized as probable best team had we TCOB. But we didn't. Simple as that. I...
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