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    Re: Questions about buying a car

    I'm going to keep reading this thread. My wife and I are looking for a car to replace hers because we need two full-time vehicles as opposed to just one and pray for the other. Our finances just...
  2. Re: Link: Let The Battle Begin: David Cornwell (speaks very highly of his progress)

    Sure, an INT can contribute to a loss. But, Blake also doesn't play defense, and he didn't contribute to the unsportsmanlike penalty that I feel negated some of the momentum Alabama had at that...
  3. Re: Link: Let The Battle Begin: David Cornwell (speaks very highly of his progress)

    All I know that every year Coach Saban (except for the 2007 season) has had a QB issue, we've either won the national championship, or we've done really, really well overall in the season. I also...
  4. Re: Excuse or Concern? Saban's Comments About NFL Draft

    Clearly, none of these writers have anything else to write about so they pounce and pontificate on Saban's comments. I do believe that Saban's comments have some merits, but I also know that he...
  5. Link: Re: Southern Miss has a New Logo Because Iowa Thought Old One was Trademark Infringem

    I know that Athens High School in Alabama uses either the same or a very similar logo to Southern Miss.
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    Re: Finebaum.

    To keep the topic on Finebaum - isn't it also possible that he's just pushing the needle so that people will call in and express how angry they are with him? Paul Finebaum is an entertainer now,...
  7. Question: Re: Do you agree with trump's plan to bomb Iraqi oil fields?

    I don't agree with his reasoning and solution, but I also don't know what the better solution would be without putting more troops on the ground, and I don't really want to see that. I'm also not...
  8. Link: Re: Tuscaloosa News: Kenny Stabler Passes Away

    Some of the sports writers in the Bay Area in California have said that if the NFL celebrates your career on TV, and we all know they celebrate Stabler's career with the Raiders, then you should be...
  9. Link: Re: Tuscaloosa News: Kenny Stabler Passes Away

    I got an autograph from him in 2007. I'm a 49ers fan, but I know my dad was a huge fan of his play when he played in Oakland (my dad grew up across the bay from Oakland). I also ended up on the...
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    Re: Auburn winning the west?

    It wouldn't surprise me if Auburn won the West, but it has nothing to do with Muschamp. I will argue that Auburn's defense doesn't have to be your iron curtain defense for Auburn to win the west. ...
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    Re: I love "my" College Football

    I enjoy watching the SEC and most Pac-12 games. I have no desire to watch Big 10, Big 12, or ACC games. I personally could care less if someone from the SEC wins another game, particularly during...
  12. Re: Alabama and FSU to open 2017 season in Atlanta

    I wouldn't group all of them this way, but they were by far the trashiest fans I've ever seen at a game. UGA in 2007 is a close second.
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    Re: DeAndrew White with 49ers

    I hope he can make it as a 49er receiver. He can learn a lot from Anquan Boldin. Kaep to White sounds good to this 49er fan.
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    Re: 9/3/2016

    It is right, but I don't get the impression from my dad that he'll end up being the starter. He's hearing that it'll more likely be someone that they recruit to come in and immediately start.
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    Re: 9/3/2016

    Whoever starts at QB for USC will be a first time starter, so that should make a difference. My USC grad father hopes it'll be a positive difference like Matt Leinart's first start as a QB against...
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