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    Re: ESPN's Winstonlove is Just Too Obvious

    That's because most college football fans cannot believe Winston continues to get himself into trouble. It's like watching a train wreck in slow motion. He is who he embarrassment. Stay...
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    Re: Wifi at Bryant Denny

    While I rarely use my cell phone when I'm at Bryant Denny or any other stadium, I would like to, at least, have that option.
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    Re: Is Henry our best back. ?

    I agree. Thunder and Lightning.
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    Wifi at Bryant Denny

    Does anyone know if there are any plans to equip Bryant Denny with wifi any time soon?

    At this point the only SEC stadiums with wifi are Ole Miss and Auburn with Georgia to follow soon. The...
  5. Re: UAB's Bill Clark: I'd "Love to play Alabama"......

    Of course UAB would love to play Alabama. It's all about the money and it would be a win-win situation for UAB. It ain't gonna happen anytime soon.
  6. Link: Re: Jameis Winston suspended 1st half vs Clemson

  7. Re: My son got his first rec(recruiting) letter today...

    Congratulations! Playing any sport at the college level is quite an honor. Many years ago my Daughter played college tennis and for a couple of years she was the only American on the team. The joy...
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    Re: Tennessee vs Oklahoma, who do you like?

    I always pull for the SEC team. I would love for UT to be undefeated when Bama goes into Neyland and beats them like a rented hounddog.
  9. Re: Sark calls Pat Haden down to the sidelines during game

    I could not agree more with your comment! Everyone with a keen interest in college football will have a prejudiced view of things but AD's have way too much riding on the outcome.
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    Re: Bama "falls" to #3 in the AP poll.

    I can understand the reasoning behind this move. We have a lot of football left to be played.
  11. Question: Re: Would you guys be okay if Coker got the start this week?

    CNS has said that we still have competition for the QB position so, that being the case, why wouldn't Coker get the start? Makes sense to me.
  12. Where are Alabama seats located in Neyland Stadium

    I'm planning my first trip to Neyland Stadium and would prefer sitting with like minded Crimson Tide fans. What sections are assigned to Alabama?
  13. Re: Adam Griffith named SEC Special Teams Player of the Week

    Congrats to Adam! I saw him kick in high school and it was clear then that he is something special.

    Oh, and let's share some love with the snapper, Cole Mazza and the holder, Cooper Bateman!
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    Re: ****Bama vs. WVU - Postgame Thread****

    I agree and would add.....Kicking Game: 10.0
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    Re: Kicking Game Looked Solid

    Obviously, we would have lost this game if Adam Griffith had not made those 4 field goals. Congratulations Adam! Let's give some credit to the snapper and holder also. A lot of work during the off...
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