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    Re: SEC Network on DirecTV

    Just remember that the "scare tactics" allow ESPN to pay Alabama and the rest of the SEC the $2.25 billion dollars over the next 15 years. ;)

    That being said, I would feel a whole lot better if...
  2. Re: GOP "Boats n Hoes" PAC dissolved in TX

    They always say the two best days of your life are the day that you get a Boat 'N Hoe PAC and the day that you get rid of your Boat 'N Hoe PAC. :biggrin2:
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    Re: Dillon Lee Arrested for DUI

    It is impressive that Phil Fulmer can walk. :biggrin2:
  4. Shannon Hale out 4-6 weeks after breaking bone in foot

    He injured during spring break, and is expected to make a full recovery. Best wishes on the rehabilitation.
  5. Re: Anthony Grant's Name Mentioned as a Possibility at USF

    Link from CBS.
  6. Re: Anthony Grant's Name Mentioned as a Possibility at USF

    It would be similar to Tubby Smith going from Kentucky to Minnesota. He knew he only had a year left, so he got out while the getting was good. I would bet that if Grant really wanted to go, Bama...
  7. Re: Scratch Sam Adams and Guiness off of my list of beers to drink

    Agreed. I guarantee you that with every purchase that you make, you are supporting people and causes that you agree with, and also ones that you disagree with.

    That being said, I do boycott all...
  8. Re: Malaysia Airlines loses contact with passenger jet

    I figured out what happened to the missing plane. You will see it in this video here:
  9. Re: My Take on Bruce Pearl

    We could never afford to take a chance on a guy like that with the NCAA constantly breathing down our neck. Auburn can afford it because they know they can get away with it. "All in" now applies to...
  10. Re: The Future of Alabama Basketball and Anthony Grant

    This isn't a surprise. TIDE-HSV was hinting at that. No matter what you think of Grant, it is time to put that aside for now. He's going to be coaching for one more year.
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    Re: Alabama Pro Day #1 Today

    Chase Goodbread has been tweeting from there all day.
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    Re: It's official - Russian enter Crimea

    Great minds think alike. I posted a similar comment in the military thread at the same time that you posted this.
  13. Re: The Pentagon proposes to shrink the US Army to pre-WWII levels

    Great timing to announce this. Let's make Russia even less afraid of American's capabilities to stop their Ukraine threat.
  14. Re: The Pentagon proposes to shrink the US Army to pre-WWII levels

    We use sanctions against Iran, North Korea, and many other countries. Does that give them the right to attack us?
  15. Re: Non-Conference Strength of Schedule for 2014 (All 124 FBS teams)

    Actually, we can because we have to have something to discuss while it is offseason. How many white helmet threads to you want to read this year? ;)

    But, of course, all of this discussion has no...
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