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  1. Re: Tennessee Week - a little inspiration

    That scenario sounded a lot like last week. Mon, Tues, and Wed practices were not very good according to Jalston Fowler. But he said Thursday was a lot more tenacity and focus. I hope we get...
  2. Link: Re: UNC Announces Academic Fraud Investigation Findings

    This could get very ugly. There goes UNC basketball.:eek2:
  3. Re: What happens if there is a three way tie in the west?

    Here is the order of tie-breaker rules if you wanted to look them up again. I think it gets too complicated. They should be able...
  4. Re: What kind of cigar do you have on standby?

    I always go pick up a few just before the game. The same shop expects me every year. They know if they see me, it is the 3rd SAt. in October. I'll pass them out after the game and enjoy the...
  5. JessN: Re: Projected Depth Chart for Alabama vs. Tennessee

    I thought the same thing. I think Kelly plays. Playing on the road can make a big difference. This year feels a lot like last year with Chad Lindsey.
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    Re: Road Vs. Home, What are the Issues..?

    I also think losing Ryan Kelly had something to do with it. The closer a team gets to each other, the better road team they become. They start to play for each other instead of playing for...
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    Re: Who were the A&M visitors?

    Glad to see. I wonder if there is any chance for Cece Jefferson also. It sounded like Cece and Byron might be teaming up.
  8. Re: Alabama's young, hurt, and might fall out of contention. Everything's fine

    I'm sorry, but this just sounds like a lot of excuses. Quit looking for excuses. Ole miss was the better team even though we had a chance to win. Bama is just not playing very well right now. ...
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    Question: Rolling up the legs of our players

    Has anyone else noticed that Ole Miss and Arkansas both have rolled up our players legs with the intention of injuring us? I saw it numerous times in the Ole Miss game. Especially before Kenyan...
  10. Re: ****Bama vs. Hogs Postgame Headache Thread****

    He didn't play the whole game. I think Taylor played the first half.
  11. Re: *** WR / RB Bo Scarbrough Signs With Alabama ***

    Great news!! With Kenyan Drake uncertain about next year and TJ likely going to the NFL, we'll need some playmakers at the RB position.
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    Game Thread Re: ****Bama vs. Ole Miss Postgame Thread****

    Did anyone else notice how Ole Miss was rolling up the legs of our RB's and WR's after tackling us. It looked like they were trying to injure us. Dirty play like that just furiates me. Not sure if...
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    Re: Cecil Hurt Article

    Can't argue with much he said. Our team fell apart in the 4th qtr instead of putting the nail in the coffin. Despite our sloppy play, we were still in control.
    Our special teams has been a...
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    Re: A moment of clarify after this loss

    I hope our team just continues to get better. I think we all realized we are not as good as the past years, but hopefully we have the right attitude and work habits to get better each week. If we...
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    Link: TE Will Gragg Commits to Arkansas

    I didn't see a post on Will Gragg yet, so...

    I thought we had a real shot with this TE. Even though...
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