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    Game Thread Re: ***2014 BCSNCG*** Florida State vs. Auburn

    C'mon Noles!!!
  2. Re: ****Official Game Thread Bama vs. VaTech - 2nd Half***

    Our failure to adjust from a play calling perspective is troubling
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    Re: Greg McElroy cut by Jets

    Getting cut by the Jets is a blessing in disguise.
  4. Re: Mark Emmert: NCAA Will Stop Selling Player Merchandise Immediately

    So he claims the NCAA made no money off of the site??? Uh.....OK. ;)
  5. Re: Questions about the SECCG (Parking, etc)

    I live just outside of Atlanta (on the west side), and have been to tons of events at Philips Arena (former Thrashers STH) and the dome. My thoughts:

    *IF* money is a primary concern for you, I'd...
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    Re: Generous Number Counting at A Day....

    I'm thinking $4 per gallon gas has put a dent in road trips for alot of folks. I wouldn't classify the turnout to a lazy fanbase.

    I wouldn't sweat it. Come fall, support will be strong as usual.
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    Re: Kristi Malzahn - Interview

    Silicone causes dementia? Who knew???
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    Game Thread Re: LSU vs. $ubarn

    It's mutual, LSU...we want YOU!!!
  9. Question: Re: Does anyone have insight into how UA handles concussion evaluations?

    I would HIGHLY recommend reading Mike Leach's book. It's a quick, super read...very interresting. There's a chapter dedicated to the Adam James saga, and while Leach gives his side of the story, he...
  10. Re: Question about going to Jordan Hare for the Iron Bowl

    We went for the first time in '09. We never had been to AU before, so some Aubie buddies really took the time to show us the town, Toomers Corner, the campus, the baseball and basketball...
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    Question: Re: DirecTV question...

    We went to DirecTV about five years ago. Our Comcast bill kept jumping by leaps and bounds, but not our service. Comcast customer service is beyond horrible, and after getting the run around one time...
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    Re: UGA Joke


    I too get tired of the "Richt is a good man" argument. He doesn't get paid $3.5 per year to be a "good guy", he gets paid to win.
  13. Question: Re: Is Kirby Smart a good choice for Georgia?

    If I'm Georgia, there's only one name on my list:

    Dan Mullen.
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    Re: The gameday crew (facepalm)

    Eh, I'd take what they have to say with a grain of salt. Much like a talk show host has to keep his listening audience stirred up with inflammatory commentary and being hostile with callers, the...
  15. Re: Georgia Southern set for 1 p.m. kickoff

    Any of y'all willing to guess what time the Vandy game will kick off on 10/8?

    Change of subject I know, but I'm thinking about buying some tickets,
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