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    Re: BCS 2014 - what would have been?

    so, let me make sure i am understanding the playoff site rationale. #1 and #2 are "protected" based on their matchups with #'s 3 and 4, right? let me throw this in the mix. what if LSU had a great...
  2. Re: Lane Kiffin's mother 'scared to death' for son's safety

    i had a friend offer me a ticket to the ut - chattanooga game a couple of weeks ago. i had never been, and had always wanted to see all of the sec stadiums in person, so i took them up on it. the...
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    Re: Kiffin Or Smart As Possible Head Coach

    i was impressed with the job James Franklin did at Vandy. both with the W's and recruiting (at VANDY). if he is able to keep up his momentum at PSU, i think he should be in consideration.
  4. Re: You serious, Clark? - funny - worth the teaser, imo

    where's the tylenol?
  5. Question: Re: How many official visits are allowed at each university?

    is there a limit to how many official visits a particular school is able to provide to a single prospect? in other words, if someone wanted to take all 5 of their official visits to UA, would they...
  6. Re: Tennessee committed recruit embraces rivalry, calls out Alabama

    i have no problem with this. he probably could have gone about it differently, but i have nothing against someone being confident in themself or their team. it's not like he really crossed any...
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    Re: *** QB Blake Barnett Commits to Alabama ***

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    Re: The Width and Breadth of Alabama Recruiting

    i agree about nd. i remember it seemed like every year they were pulling in the best of the best, regardless of how the teams did on the field. if memory serves, tennessee used to do very well...
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    Re: The Future of Alabama Basketball and Anthony Grant

    at this point, i don't see us getting a top tier coach regardless of the year. too many apathetic basketball fans for a top coach to want to put up with it. the only ways i can think something like...
  10. Re: ***Official Alabama LOI's Received Thread*** (ALL RECEIVED)

    i know this is EXTREMELY early, but i wanted to say that i can't wait to read the crown jewel countdown this year! i'm sure it's going to be pretty difficult to rank the players in this class, but...
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    Re: The Future of Alabama Basketball and Anthony Grant

    as I struggled to maintain interest in yet another game, I realized something. the teams never seem to elevate their game (offensively). it is always the defense making the opponent play down to...
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    Re: 2014 SG Devin Mitchell Announcing on Wednesday

    Hope he is able to learn the ropes quickly and contribute.
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    Re: ESPN abandons it's recruiting web sites

    another (relatively) recent improvement we have seen stemming from competition in sports broadcasting is the XFL putting a camera behind the players. While the league didn't last, this idea...
  14. Re: How far we have come since Saban first arrived - some old threads

    funny that this was posted today. just last night, i re-watched saban's introductory press conference on my tivo. watching it reminded me of how many pokes national writers were taking at ua just...
  15. Re: ***2013 Crown Jewel Countdown: #25 LS Cole Mazza***

    i felt exactly the same way, but i did not consider the facts surrounding the rest of your comment. excellent point.
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