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    2 Sugar Bowl Tickets....CHEAP

    They are extras sent by mistake. Sec 648, Row 11, Seats 12 & 13. $70 a piece OBO. Live in Hoover but will overnight if necessary. Just hate for them to go to waste.
  2. FYI: "Hey Coach" starts tonight at 6:30pm Central.

    Here's a link to WJOX here in Birmingham, but I'm not sure if the web stream will carry it or not. I don't think it did last year.

    I don't think The Nick Saban Show will be a...
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    Link: Re: OK, more ITAT paranoia...

    The thing that I love most in that thread is the post by LocalTiger. The 2010 IB will be, and is, the defining moment for an entire generation of boogdom. NOT the NC they went on to win. I love it....
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    Link: Re: Rolando McClain Arrested Again In Decatur

    Even with his troubles, Ro is still one of my favorites. That said, he literally cannot win while in Decatur. First, obviously, he is no saint. Being around his boys (who are not choir boys) as...
  5. Need tix to Crimson Caravan in Hoover (Bham) on Tuesday April 30th

    I know it's a long shot and last minute, but if anyone has tickets they're not going to be using, I'll buy them. I'll take one but would prefer two. You can PM me or email me at...
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    Re: "Haunted Tuscaloosa"

    I have not. However, now that I know it's out there, I will.
  7. Re: What's Your Favorite Coach Saban Quote Or Quotes

    That one cannot be beat but I laughed out loud last year when he said, "We gotta embrace the grind." Not really sure why, but I did.
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    Question: Re: Jovon Robinson to Alabama?

    Here are a couple of links on the Robinson situation: - May have to try a couple of times to...
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    Re: Will Notre Dame Even Score a Touchdown?

    When playing at our best, or near it, I can easily see ND not scoring offensive points. With that being said, our secondary is subject to being burned for points at almost any time, against most any...
  10. Re: AJ McCarron is apparently dating Miss Alabama, an Auburn alum

    Here's the bunker's reaction if anyone cares to read it-
  11. Re: 2 BCSNCG Tix For Sale - Bama vs ND - $1200 Each

    Valid point. That said, should I just start out by bending over? However, again, if you're not interested, why respond?
  12. Re: 2 BCSNCG Tix For Sale - Bama vs ND - $1200 Each

    Don't presume to know the price payed for the tickets, because I doubt you do. If you do not want the tickets, you're comments are simply not necessary. Thanks.
  13. 2 BCSNCG Tix For Sale - Bama vs ND - $1200 Each

    Section 405 (upper level) Row 18.

    FedEx delivery or in person if local in Birmingham area.

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    Re: Auburn will be (IS) a first class wreck

    On top of the prison campus news Cole Cubelic (former boog) tweeted a few minutes ago:

    "Spoke to an SEC asst coach tonight, said multiple recruits he is after have told him they haven't heard from...
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    Politics: Re: Electoral College Predictions

    Here ya go-
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