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  1. News Article: Re: Alabama May Have the Most Loaded Roster in College Football History

    True. However, I like being out of the top 5. Entitlement doesn't set in quite as fast. Hopefully the leadership of next year's team took some good notes on what leadership should look like and...
  2. Re: Reggie Ragland's grandfather passed away yesterday. Prayers for his family.

    So sorry. Prayers for the Reggie, Tre, and the family.
  3. Re: Any high ranked player who didn't sign today?

    Even proves my point even more. However, some sites list him as a DE.
  4. Re: Any high ranked player who didn't sign today?

    I still feel like we need to fill some DE needs. We lost 3 or 4 DL this year and will lose another 3-5 DL next year. We were so good this year because of our DL was so deep. We picked up some...
  5. Re: Top 500 recruits still uncommitted or unsigned after NSD

    Saban wanted another WR. We missed out on AJ Brown. To have Robinson back in the fold would be great. I still wish we had recruited more DE's. With losing 3 starting DE's, and losing 3 or 4 more...
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    Re: Kind of Funny Song About the Game

    Pretty good! Hope he knew it was Dabo and not Debo.
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    Re: 2016 DL Raekwon Davis Flips to Miss. St

    So, I heard a coach stole his phone and tweeted out that he committeed to MSU. Any truth to that? If so, there should be some kind of punishment for the coach and school.
  8. Question: Re: Who is your choice for the Unsung Senior hero of 2015?

    who? :conf2:
  9. Question: Who is your choice for the Unsung Senior hero of 2015?

    We have a lot of seniors who contributed this year, but didn't get much publicity or credit. Some impacted our team greater than we realize.
    My vote goes to KEnyan Drake and Bradley Sylve. I...
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    Re: Recruiting Update -- January 15, 2016

    Thanks for the info BET. I've been wondering why we haven't been landing these top prospects this year like we have in the past. Is it because our coaching staff have been more focused on coaching...
  11. Question: Who will be our new defensive secondary or linebacker's coach?

    I'm not sure if Pruitt will focus on the defensive secondary or the linebackers like Kirby did. I think Kirby had more influence over the secondary when he coached the LB's so he could work with the...
  12. Re: Caption this pic: Dabo and Saban and the Onside

    Dabo "That was gonna be our trick play! He can't do that!"

    Saban "Rookie. Welcome to the big league, kid"
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    Re: Remaining Recruits

    What recruits are you watching out for in the UA Under Armour Game? Love to see the Hulk in action. Who are some other AL commits playing?
  14. Game Thread Re: ****Bama vs. MSU - Cotton Bowl Pregame Thread****

    Roll Tide!! May the tide roll through the spartans like the flooding after these storms.
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    Re: Who Is Going To Dallas?

    We are already out here. I hope we show up in great numbers. Should be a good day for tailgating tomorrow. Hopefully a great NYE party after the game. Party in Jerry World.
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