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    2016 Season Tickets

    Just got the information on 2016 season tickets. Looks interesting. Many ticket locations will require an annual Tide Pride donation. Hopefully, the clubrooms will be popular.
  2. Re: Women's Basketball - Nikki Hegstetter Honored by Culverhouse College of Commerce

    This is outstanding. Congratulations to Nikki!!
  3. Link: Re: Les Miles Unhappy If Louisana Kids Leave The State To Play Somewhere Else

    Then why is his daughter on the swim team for The University of Texas instead of LSU.
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    Re: Who is going to the SECCG?

    I think StubHub is wrong - otherwise the University of Alabama Athletic Dept just sent me tickets right in the middle of the Missouri section.
  5. Re: Which Teams are Bama.s Biggest Rivals in Each Sport

    Overall: LSU
    Football: LSU, Tennessee, Auburn
    MBB: Florida, LSU
    Baseball: LSU, Mississippi State
    Gymnastics: Florida, Georgia, LSU
    Softball: Florida, LSU, Tennessee, Georgia, Oklahoma

  6. Re: Bruce Pearl Wants to Explore Idea of Having Double Header in Birmingham with Ala

    Y'all act like this is some brand new idea. Back when there was an SEC Big East Challenge, Alabama played Georgetown and Auburn played somebody in a doubleheader at the BJCC. I think the...
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    Re: Tennessee Football Bus On Campus

    UT helping Bruce Pearl move - taking the scenic route to Auburn. Seriously, UT track team at Alabama relays.
  8. Re: Nussmeier/Replacement at OC (keep OC discussion here)

    Are these the same TN fans that bad mouthed Coach Sal when he was the DC there and gave a snide giggle when FSU hired him?
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    Re: Tide Pride Sugar Bowl tickets

    It will be interesting to see how they take orders for and send out tickets within the week between the semifinal games and the championship game next year with the new playoff. Let alone arrange...
  10. Re: Multiple angles of Kevin Norwood's amazing catch against the Viles.

    It was #3 on SC top plays last night
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    Re: Nightmare Scenario for the BCSNCG

    Just in case anyone forgot, his preseason top ten (which according to him is where he says the teams will be at the end of the season not at the beginning of the season like the rest of preseason...
  12. Re: aubie fan steals car, kidnaps woman, because he like Grand Theft Auto

    Wasn't there a Burgess on the Auburn football team? I think he was related to one of the radio personalties Rick & Bubba.
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    Re: New msu helmets #failstate

    I think they wore these helmets for a game last year.
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    Re: Any news on Stadium??

    Coach Battle discussed the new stadium during Hey Coach tonight. Said it will be presented to the Board in September.
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    Link: Re: Warped Thinking by AP Voters

    Tim Brown was on Sirius radio today and said the SEC is on top until they can figure out a way to keep the SEC out of the title game - interesting that he didn't say until someone beats the SEC in...
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