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    Re: Gary Eliminates Alabama and Auburn

    Love that we didn't have that mentality this past season. Easy to see why Saban loved this group!!
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    Re: Appears Ricky Tarrant is Transferring

    Not to be cruel to the guys mentioned in the thread, but none are NBA-calibur talents. I love Retin, and he's a terrific athlete, but I'd just like to see him become a consistent college player. ...
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    Re: Best of Luck Coach Grant

    I came on the board hoping there was a thread like this, so I was glad to find it. And, I felt good about the posts until I read the last one. Maybe we should have BamaFanNKy hired as our Athletic...
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    ISO 2 Birmingham Bowl tickets

    Looking to take my 6 year old son to his first game at Legion Field. If anyone has two extremely cheap tickets to the Birmingham Bowl, please let me know --

    Thanks, and Roll...
  5. Re: *** 2016 ATH Demetris Robertson Commits to Bama ***

    All done by the greatest recruiter in the history of college football.... Nice to see us back up Spurrier's words so quickly... Roll Tide!!!
  6. Re: The Future of Alabama Basketball and Anthony Grant

    Tubby Smith has a very low on talent Texas Tech team at 10-10, 2-5. Just read an article where the writer thought that in itself was a miracle. Sadly, though the relationship with CM Newton is...
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    Re: It appears Luke Del Rio is leaving

    We won a national championship with Jay Barker as our starting QB in a year, when frankly, he wasn't very good. He later became quite good, but the team carried him while he learned in '92. Next...
  8. Question: Re: With Sunseri leaving, do the powers that be think it will help flip some recruits

    Joe Schad and others reporting. Unbelievable... Don't see it , but best of luck...
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    Question: Re: What is the chant during "Dixieland Delight"?

    Luckily, I sit far enough away from the students that I don't have to hear it. But I typically try my best to tune on the song, anyway, and have absolutely no idea why we play it in the first place....
  10. Re: ***S/LB Ronnie Clark commits to ....

    Worst stream ever, but looks good in the cap!
  11. Re: Lack of a dominant pass rush is more schematic than talent!

    Well said, and thanks for the opinions. It can be frustrating that we don't get a little more pressure on the QB. I don't mind so much the lack of sacks as much as I'd just like to see us pressure...
  12. Re: lsWHO fans showing why they are the most classless fans in all of america

    I thought the Kent St. media relations person took the high road with their response. I'm not sure what the writer of the article wanted, but the reply was one of class for a very classless act.
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    Re: A "must read" on DJ Fluker

    Blown away (maybe not the best unintentional pun...). I almost passed on this post -- thanks to God I didn't. We have no idea what some of these kids go through. Can't be anything but proud!
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    Re: Trevor Lacey Transferring

    Again, missing the point... He chose us over Kentucky and Kansas (and others...). The point was, at the time he signed with us, the liklihood of him leaving 2 years later for another program would...
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    Re: Trevor Lacey Transferring

    Nobody said anything about one and done. If you were told during Lacey's recruitment, especially given the suitors, that he'd be gone after 2 years, I doubt you could find anyone who would've...
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