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  1. Re: ESPN's Olbermann won't host show this week over Penn State tweets

    It sounds to me like many Penn State fans are now trying to whitewash what Paterno ignored to protect his football reputation. They are in denial about how absolutely disgusting their program was for...
  2. Re: Auburn Football Players Accused of Harassing Veteran and Service Dog

    There's never any excuse for harassing somebody with a service dog, and especially a woman who served in the military.

    Reading up on her, I was surprised to see she suffered PTSD as a result of...
  3. Link: Re: Is Marshawn Lynch sending kids the wrong message? Larry Foote thinks so.

    I'm not sure why that simple concept is lost on some people.

    If somebody is good at playing football, I'm not sure why they are expected to be good at public relations. We want our sports figures...
  4. Re: Ravens Plan to Release Terrence Cody, Who is Under Investigation for Animal Cruel

    I've always appreciated this board's policy of sticking with the facts and not advancing rumors.
  5. Re: Johnny Manziel Entered Treatment This Past Wednesday

    I understand your point, however...
    My point was: When people who have plenty of money and they hit a tough stretch in their life they may think they have hit rock which I would say...
  6. Re: Johnny Manziel Entered Treatment This Past Wednesday

    He hasn't hit rock bottom until he's out of money and people who care about him.
  7. Re: Ex-Alabama safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix makes fun of LSU for hiring defensive coo...

    It's always a little bit of a let-down when a former player decides to take a swipe at his former teammates or coaches.
  8. Re: SECís best and worst cities for SEC football fans in 2015

    It surprised me to see LSU's hometown rated so low at number 57.
  9. Link: Re: Richard Sherman/Michael Bennett call out NCAA "scam".

    The single most shocking example of a coach exploiting a player in my opinion was when Fran had the injured kicker playing so Fran could get a better job at another school.
  10. Re: Lane Kiffin's Return Is a Huge Boost for Alabama QB Jake Coker

    It's great to be able to be a fan of a player both because of the way they play but also because of how they conduct themselves. Blake has highlighted the value of loyalty and sticking with something...
  11. Link: Re: Areas where Alabama can/needs to improve.

    Sometimes we seemed to want to just knock the ball carrier down with a big hit rather than wrapping up to make the stop.
  12. Re: Do we have a new DB coach yet?
  13. Re: Do we have a new DB coach yet?

    Finebaum says to expect the two spots on the defensive staff to be filled by younger guys with an emphasis on their recruiting ability.
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    Re: Lane Kiffin Confirms Return to Alabama

    I've always wondered how Mike Price would have done if he had of controlled his debauchery. His emphasis on the passing offense would have certainly given Bama a different look.
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    Re: Lane Kiffin a candidate for 49ers OC job

    good news from Cecil.
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