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    Re: West Virginias win increases our value.

    I wonder if it would have made any difference at all if Bama could have played an entire game instead of 7/8ths of one?

    Roll Tide!
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    Re: Caption this pic!

    "Why are fussing at me? You're the one in charge of the DB's!
  3. Re: hypothetical: which win would mean the most to you?

    All of those would be great, but first and foremost, beat that team from across the State. That is a goal that should always be a primary requirement for a 'successful' season.

    Roll Tide!
  4. Re: What would be your choice for the frist game of the season - if not W.V.?

    The last team that won against Bama. Because I don't believe any team can do it twice in a row.

    Roll Tide!
  5. Re: We've Got Ourselves a Kicker Guys (Scrimmage Discussion)

    Hopefully, he won't get close. With the talent that Bama has, and will be recruiting, I'm hoping his only appearance on the field will be for PAT'S and KO's.

    Roll Tide!
  6. Re: With Our Schedule - And a Weak Lot of opposing QBs - Where do we lose 2 games?

    I'm just waiting for all of the brilliant ones here to bless us with their predicition before I will feel confident about making any kind of prediction on the upcoming season. Too many factors to...
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    Pre (Decition)?

    I may have missed this because I don't take the time to read every article, so...that being said...what is a Pre(decition)?
    Is this just an error or an actual word. And I've seen it on several...
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    Re: Bret Bielema takes a couple of digs at Bama

    Maybe he can get that young lady with the scotch tape under her nose to provide some new concrete motivation for the hogs...again...this year. I always felt entertained when she would supply one of...
  9. Re: Titans (former LSU) QB Mettenberger punched by Bama fan

    One word...Alcohol. 95% of the embarrassing or stupid things I've done in my life can mainly be attributed to alcohol. The other 5% is because of youth and just doing something stupid. Finally I...
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    Re: J. Winston at ACC Media Days

    That looks like it is a sign placed over a sign. Could that just be a prank? Or is it like FSU big prank?
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    Re: So this Johnny Manziel photo...

    Talented and entitled?
  12. Link: Re: Offseason BUZZ from the Capstone: What we are hearing

    Well, when it comes to *u, I wish he (CNS) would get over that. *u needs to be scored on by every facet of our beloved Tide. Each and every time Bama touches the ball they should try and score a TD....
  13. Re: Ex-Auburn TE Phillip Lutzenkirchen Died in Car Crash

    Sad to hear. There's nothing I like better than to beat that *u butt...but this is above and beyond that. To anyone that loves Football, and appreciates great players, this is a loss for all....
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    Re: Alvin Kamara Signs With Tennessee

    I don't wish anything bad on the guy...that being said, it won't hurt my feelings any if he flops...big time. Maybe he's looking for a different kind of 'process'. He can definitely get that in...
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    Link: Re: New Playoff Committee bias

    BINGO! You nailed it! Make way for expansion to 8 teams just to appease everyone. Sometimes I just get really fed up with those that want to make it 'fair' instead of using just good 'ole common...
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